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  1. DofDof's Training Journal

    trained last night Squats 100*10 120*15 120*15 120*15 120*15 Military press 80*6 80*6 80*6 (sitting down) 80*6 (sitting down) Bent Rows 110*8 110*8 110*8 110*8 Bench Press 60*5 100*5 130*7 130*7 130*6 120*6 110*6 100*10 SLDL 70*20 70*20 Barbell Curls 50*8 50*8 50*8 50*8 Close grip bench 100*5 100*5 100*5 100*5 Weight was around 103kgs I'm contemplating on competing in the INBA in October later this year. There is a WA comp on and the following week the Nationals in Brisbane i think. I'll evaluate myself in a month to two months time and see what my body is like.
  2. m&m's place

    melville zest its a small gym with not many homo's who love themselves. There would probably be more old timers there than younger people like myself. It has the basics plus a couple more machines that you might use once in a blue moon. Markos I'm waiting for the Herald Sun to call you up and offer you a job now....haha
  3. gunpowder in her eyes....fark that Hopefully someone puts gunpowder down the eye of his knob and sets that alight
  4. Kangaroo meat

    last time i tried eating skippy meat I was dry reaching from the smell. I bought a mini roast from coles for $8-10 (1-1.2kg). Cooked it like it said on the package and it stunk out the whole house. Took it to work the next day and everyone thought i had dog food judging by the smell. Markos next time I'm in melbourne I'm coming around for a workout and some dinner
  5. Kangaroo meat

    tried it a couple times....over cooked it a tad once and it turned out like eating 500grams of hard beefjerky I'm like you Markos. I'd rather stick to cows, chickens and fish. To me kangaroo meat is used for dog food, and it smells like dog food as well. The stench is so damn strong as well. Don't get me wrong though as i have had some extemely nice meals at restrauants with kangaroo meat. When I'm really struggling to afford food then i will prob end up buying kangaroo.
  6. no sh1t....very impressed fuzzy and only 16yo i'm scared even thinking what they would look like by the time you hit 20. how much you weighing at the moment fuzzmiester? kids in school must be scared shitless of you
  7. Muscle Mags

    Ok so I'm not one of those guys that goes out there and purchases muscle magazines on the regular occasion. I might buy one or two a year if i find there might be an interesting article to read. A mate of mine from the gym gave me his muscle mag for this month. He has a subscription to it which I think he got it for free (i hope so anyways). These magazines must be to biggest waste of time, money and full of delusional bullshit I have ever seen. This magazine has around 190pages. Of those 190pages possibly 50 would be articles based on information, shit information but its info anyway. The rest is full of marketing bullshit. I have never seen so many guys in the magazine that are on juice. I dont think there would be one guy in there that is not on the juice. Maybe they should call it "Juiced Magazine". What a load of crap these magazines are. If they only marketed steriods in the magazine then I wouldnt be here bragging about all this. At least it would be honest information. I dont now if anyone on here actually reads these magazines but I think you would be better of buying cooking mags and even better buy yourself a playboy.
  8. Muscle Mags

    Magazine on arm wrestling....now that cool inspired by:
  9. Finally taking the plunge

    hey peacock.... looking good....get to work on those legs though. as everyone else has mentioned your shoulders are prob your best muscle group. train them once a week and start pumping those legs 2-3times a week and eat eat eat. Since around August / September my legs have grown a fair amount. I now training them 2-3times a week. Dont worry to much about calfs as you are severely lacking in upper leg thickness 1st. Lats need a little work as well. Besides that all should go well. Cant wait to see you 74kg shredded...fark me
  10. Muscle Mags

    touche...haha "RUTAKN's 5steps to getting MASSIVE" NoXplode Nano Vapour Testostaroid Superpump50000 Hydroxy Protein You to can look like your idols Jay (im to oversized with no definition) Cutler and Ronnie (more juice than the golden circle juice factory) Coleman
  11. DofDof's Training Journal

    trained hard last night did some seated bodyweight squats with supersets 1rep....then walked to kitchen 1rep....walked to men room 1rep....had to speak to client (did this a couple times during the night) 1rep....walked to bosses office 1rep....back to kitchen 1rep....back to mens room current weight tonight 105kg's and climbing
  12. DofDof's Training Journal

    Might decide to post up my workout from last night Squats 117.5*15 117.5*15 117.5*15 117.5*15 Miltary Press 80*5 80*5 80*4 70*6 Bent over Rows 110*8 110*8 110*8 110*8 Bench Press 120*6 120*6 120*6 120*6 120*6 SLDL 80*20 80*20 Bicep curls (ezi bar) 50*8 50*8 50*8 50*8 Close grip bench 100*6 110*6 110*5 100*6 Current weight 103.5kg I've just been reading through my diary from the start. I little pissed off I have lost some strength and size over xmas break. I'm trying this new program M has given me so hopefully I will be posting in here in a couple months with big benches, squats, deadlifts and weighing in at 105kg+
  13. looking good buddy. liking your chest...very solid build you happy weighing under 100kgs ?? I need a tan like yourself and an all over body wax....haha How tall are you?? I forgot
  14. Creatine

    your 73kgs and 16years old. Its like an anorexic taking steriods for building muslces like arnie (waste of time). Build a base first before you start taking supplements i think you need to concentrate on lifting and eating more than anything From experience I have used Size On by Gaspri Nutrition....Waste of $$$$ No Xplode....Added around 2kg of weight. Good for waking yourself up if your tired Musashi growling dog creatine monohydrate....best value for $$$. While cycling this I added around 3-4kgs of weight. Got up to 108kg. Strugged to fit into most of my clothes. ***Note 99.9% of the weight that was incurred by taking creatine was water retention. Once I stopped taking creatine I lost all my weight I had put on whilst cycling it*** Creatine is one of many supplements I have tried in my gym career. It is probably the best value for $$$ along with whey protein as a supplement. At the moment I will refuse to use it until I establish a decent weight of around 107-108kg which will be done by eating clean food. This is just from my own experience. Burn me if you will.
  15. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    i cant believe this has gone through 4pages of trying to figure out what supplements to use.
  16. SLVR32GTR's Training Log

    you dont power clean it off the ground do you? I'm assuming you press it out of a rack? Good military pressing by the way
  17. SLVR32GTR's Training Log

    when your doing your military press are you doing them standing up? I've always wondered whats better/harder/easier standing up or sitting down?
  18. DofDof's Training Journal

    been awhile since i posted in here. currently i've been trying to get to the gym at least 3times a week. starting a new program M has given me and I looking forward to sticking to it for the next couple months. I'm kinda excited to see the progress thoughout this program as I have been stuck at around 103-105kgs for the past 8months. Hopefully this should shock my body to grow again. Hopefully after a decent couple months I'll be writting in here stating how much my strength has increased and my weight is sitting around 108kg-110kg. Then I might decide to compete in a comp Currently I'm 103kg at the moment. Should be able to get back to 105kg within next 2weeks. As for diet. I guess I'm going to have to be more of a tight arse. I recently purchased a house over here in perth. (I'm in more debt than the US financial sector) Who would ever think a true blue melbourne boy ends up buying a house in perth. It needs a decent renovation so weekends will be mainly spent on doing up the new pad. On a side note found fluro's hidden in one of the cupboards. I wonder what they were there for?
  19. good work pappas. starting to see some definition in your shoulders & arms. so did you hook up with the randoms
  20. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    thats what i've been doing the past year or so i train at night around 7.00pm. I finish work at 6 and by the time i have a little snack I get to the gym around 7ish. Straight after i finish i have my 2scoops of whey and 40grams of dextrose. Have dinner at 9.30 most nights and it normally consists of a decent size meal (red meat, chicken, fish) with lots of vegies / sweet potato. Get to bed around 11pm.
  21. anyone got the link to download the movie. i stuck at work using there internet. hence would rather download a copy to watch
  22. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    just go down to your local coles or woolies and buy some Coopers Brewery Dextrose off the shelf cost around $4-5 for around 1kg. cheap as chups cheapest supplement you will buy i throw in around 30-40grams. 1 teaspoon is 5grams if your trying to work it out
  23. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    thats alot of protein being feed into your body in a very short window of time if that was me it would be going in one end out the other