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  1. DofDof's Training Journal

    heres the break down houghy let me know what you think. cost me $90 delivered which i thought wasnt too bad (12lb)
  2. Finally taking the plunge

    Theres a comp on over here in perth on the 28th this month (IFBB). Does anyone know much about IFBB? Drug free?? All I really know is INBA (Natural) and NABBA (anything goes)
  3. PTC Newsletter

    you certainly love your chilli markos
  4. DofDof's Training Journal

    I not worried about being too lean. If I can get to 108kg by June with a consistent 15% bodyfat I would be happy. Im just really using this mass gainer for when i miss a meal. I might find I will only use it every 2nd or 3rd day. I can get to 108kgs peice of piss with creatine. But I dont really want to use that until I hit 105kgs Markos has seen me at 108kg last year and i was fairly lean (heaviest Ive been). Although I was taking creatine at the time. When I stopped the cycle i dropped around 3-4kgs of water weight. I want to have a base of 105kgs if not more before I jump on creatine.
  5. DofDof's Training Journal

    Cranked out some deadlifting yesterday Started off with some UKDL off approx 40cm steps to get the blood flowing. Was using 50kg dumbell (heaviest we have at my gym). 30reps x 4sets. Cant say i was touching the ground but was getting close enough. Deadlifts 140x5 160x5 180x5 200x2 200x1 180x5 180x5 180x5 180x5 Another set of UKDL to finish off Was suffering some stomache / kidney pain the previous two days and lost 2.5kgs. I was happy to smash out the 5reps on 180kg as it seemed quite easy. I have bought a Mass Gainer protein/meal replacement to help throughout the day if i get caught up with work and can not make the time to eat. The last thing I want to do is miss a meal. Its Optimal Nutrition Serious Mass. I not sure if any of you guys have heard of it before but according to one serving it supplies you with 1250calories mixed with water. Hahaha.
  6. I do the same thing nick. I'll normally put half a cup of milk with the eggs and throw them on 4pieces of wholemeal toast. I might have to give the bacon a go. As for eating today. I haven't had a single bite to eat since last night lamb chops. Woke up this morning with a really messed up stomache / kidneys. Body felt all sore and been lying in bed all day. I jumped on the scales earlier and my weight is still the same (102.5kgs). Lucky me. Im slowly starting to feel better. Must of been something I ate or I o'd on the new glutamine I bought. Not feeling healthy at all.
  7. 2009 goals

    Win Mr Novice WA (West Australian Natural Physique Titles). In October. Depending how I go might compete in the Natural Olympia Build up weight to 108kg's by June (clean bulking). Try and keep bodyfat % to around 15 while bulking. Compete at around 90kgs at 5% bodyfat. Food bill is going to be huge Current weight is 102.5kgs and slowly climbing
  8. DofDof's Training Journal

    Friday night sess Bench Press 60x10 100x6 130x5 130x5 130x5 130x5 130x4 Military Press (standing) 60x7 70x6 70x5 70x5 70x5 70x5 Incline dumbell press 40x8 40x7 40x7 Push Press 80x5 80x5 80x5 80x5 80x5 Didnt get time to fit shrugs and some tricep work in. Current weight 102.5kg. Im starting to loose a little fat off me but keeping my weight up which is good.
  9. Chris S15's training journal.

    wasnt this the training method you used awhile back when you were in your prime markos? I'm guessing it would be extremely hard on the body and would require loads of good quality healthy food to fuel the muscles. Your metabolism must be flying along while doing this. Good on you chris. I should print this program out and give it to all the little skinny guys at my gym who always ask me whats a good exercise to get bigger. First thing I say is eat.
  10. Chris S15's training journal.

    nice variety of exercises there big fella..haha hows that program going? You eating a shitload of food?
  11. DofDof's Training Journal

    Last nights sess Squats 60x10 100x5 125x10 125x10 125x10 125x10 125x10 Had to wear belt for these. My lower back has been playing up a little. Chins (bodyweight) 15 15 12 (close grip) 14 (reverse grip) 8 SLDL 90x15 90x15 Dumbell Rows 45x10 45x10 45x10 45x10 45x10 Barbell Curls 40x10 50x8 50x8 50x7 Incline dumbell curls 22.5x10 22.5x8 22.5x7
  12. NPR33 (Nick's) Training Log

    HYPER VTEC yo !!!! Definately get it sprayed black I would love to do more cardio myself but just loose too much weight. My metabolism is fast enough as it is. Give me until June and I should be ramping up the cardio sessions
  13. NPR33 (Nick's) Training Log

    you normally do much cardio??
  14. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    How quickly you go through your BCAA stash Howie?? It sounds like you would be topping up every 3weeks or so.
  15. Supplements... When to take?

    how much you spend on cottage cheese a week?
  16. DofDof's Training Journal

    havent been on here for awhile. I've had a week off. My knees were getting battered. Traing last night and was quite surprised with how well my session went. Bench Press 60*10 100*5 130*5 130*5 130*5 130*5 130*5 Miltary Press (seated with barbell) 60*5 80*5 80*5 80*5 80*4 (behind head) 80*5 Incline Press (dumbell) 40*5 45*8 45*7 45*5 Push Press 80*5 80*5 80*5 80*5 80*5 Shrugs 120*10 120*10 120*15 Close Grip Bench 100*8 100*4 (buggered) 80*8 80*7 Dips 15 15 15 Weighing in at 102.5kgs
  17. hahaha very funny markos where abouts you live in perth? Let me know and I might be able to help a brudda out
  18. I only recently spoke to a guy that competed in the 2006 INBA. I think he won the junior mens in WA and came very close to australian title He was telling me what he ate and drank the day of his competition. For 3days leading up to the comp he had almost no water/liquids hence was almost dehydrated. The day of the comp he drank 1ltr of creamy soda in the morning, ate 3kgs of rice and while out he back warming up drank 4ltrs of coke. Crazy shit
  19. Building calves

    calf implants....the best couple grand you will ever spend....you might be able to get a discount if you bring your partner along for a boob job on a side note loads and loads of excessive weight and reps will make your calves grow. they are a very hard muscle to grow and like what markos has mentioned it relies on alot of genetics as well. most bike riders have decent sized calves. I'm guessing that its due to consistently using that muscle over and over again. A good exercise I have been given is to do 12reps to failure, 15sec break, 12reps to failure, 15sec break, 12reps to failure. That is one set. Do that for 3 or 4 sets.
  20. simon what you competing in later this year? INBA ? we have a comp in perth around october? I think the nationals are up in brisbane at the end of october. I'm still undeicided on competing in the perth INBA later this year.
  21. Pre/PostWOrkout nutrition

    whats a good reasonable glutamine to purchase that wont cost me an arm and a leg. I'm guessing you would go through it quite rapidly due to the nature of how much your body needs for it to be effective. houghy??
  22. Muscle Size and Strength

    haha dont worry your not the only one who's technique is reverse curl with leg drive
  23. DofDof's Training Journal

    60kg db's....mint i've been on zests back for a year to get some. heaviest we have is 50. if i'm up for a big chest session i now know where to go
  24. m&m's place

    keep it up Markos. would be great to see the final copy by the way how long you been writing it for??
  25. DofDof's Training Journal

    hey mate....you wouldnt believe it but i train at one of those commercial gyms M&M hates....haha train up at Zest in melville. its only a small little gym so its not overly crowed. Has all the basics that you need where about you training??