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  1. DofDof's Training Journal

    haha very funny you can thank markos for my ass. A program consisting of squatting numerous time a week plus the odd 20reps will do wonders for the glutes.
  2. DofDof's Training Journal

    Did some deadlifting and shoulders on saturday arvo at Fitness First Day spa. My gym was closed at 4.00pm so had to drop someone's name to get into fitness first for a workout. Nice new gym but so many 18yo wanna be arnie's walking around with invisible lat syndrome. I went to put my gym bag in the lockers only to see three 17-19yo's standing in front of the mirror posing in their underwear. These guys would of been no bigger than amy whinehouse on a 6month crack binge. I had a good laugh. I think they got a little embaressed when they saw me. Anyways traing as usual Deadlifts 60x10 100x10 140x8 180x8 200x5 210x5 220x2 220x2 220x1 (ripped callus of my hand. had to use gloves for rest of workout. And yes i own a pair of gloves. The gloves were hard as a rock as they have not been used in ages and smelt like pure ass) 200x2 180x4 140x10 Dumbell Seated Shoulder press 35x8 40x6 45x5 45x4 45x4 40x4, 25x8(dropset) UKDL 50x30 50x30 50x30 Dips (15kg) 15 12 10 10 Added a couple pics from after chest workout on friday night Will start taking creatine as of next monday
  3. DofDof's Training Journal

    session last night consisted of squats 60x10 100x8 120x8 130x20 130x18 100x20 Chin Ups (bodyweight) 10,9,8,8,6 Leg Press 270x10 (3sets) Dumbell rows 47.5x10 (5sets) Single Arm bicep curls 22.5x10 22.5x10 22.5x8 22.5x8 Cable Curls (cant remember weight) x 3sets Finished off with some leg curls to hit the hammys
  4. what do you think your body fat % is Simon?
  5. DofDof's Training Journal

    gone are the days of me playing aussie rules footy now my old man reckons all i would be good for now is rugby...haha
  6. DofDof's Training Journal

    here are a couple of progress pics taken last night after work in a relaxed manner (no flexing, no pump from gym) First one is for you markos. Weight was 105.5kgs I've noticed huge increase in my legs since I started new program over 4months ago especially quads. Everyone at the gym has noticed as well. I've lost some size and strength on my upper body around chest but that will come back quickly. INBA comp is middle of October so I still have around 3 and a bit months to put on some more size before i start dieting down.
  7. looking the goods...shoulders are looking large hows your weight going at the moment
  8. DofDof's Training Journal

    been training the usual 4 - 5 times a week. just been lazy to not write anything in this log did a quick session last night. only had 40min for workout squats 60*10 100*10 130*10 130*10 130*10 100*20 easy (had to do in a hurry so I could get to shops to buy dinner) 130 felt pretty good. Will bump up he weight to 135-140 next session Seated Rows / drop set 100*10 / 70*10 100*10 / 70*10 100*10 / 70*10 Lat pull downs / drop set 100*10 / 50*10 100*10 / 50*10 100*10 / 50*10 Thats all I could fit in. Current weight in the morning is 104kgs. Weight in afternoon is 105-106kgs. I still fairly lean which is great. I havent touched any creatine yet so my goal of hitting 108kgs looks like it will be quite achievable. I can put on 3-4kgs of water with creatine when I use it quite regularly. Might be able to get up to 110kg by June if all goes well
  9. Spinal Injuries

    Markos just a question. Does wearing a belt help with preventing injury? I've been around a number of afl footy clubs and find they will always use a belt when involved with squats, deadlifts, cleans and even some rows. I've seen 120kg rugby guys use belts. It's seems like wearing a belt is made out to protect your back.
  10. Spinal Injuries

    Belt an option? Not saying I use one all the time. I find it's normally in the beginning stages of when you first starting out lifting you will pick up bad habits and techniques that cause problems later on in lifting. Like lou said I would rather deadlift 100kg then 230kg and squat 100kg then 180kg with perfect technique then to strain my body in the wrong places. Being out of the game of lifting by injury is something I try not to consider hence I rely on making sure I get the right techniques down pat. Not lifting for a couple months would take me a year to get back all my strength. End of the day who is to tell some poor guy who trains by himself and picks up bad techniques and habits
  11. m&m's place

    i havent done negatives in ages markos. how many people do you have spotting? other quick question. how long do you allow to lower the weight down to your chest. eg hold for 5seconds until it reaches your chest.
  12. Motivation

    that chick on the stepper is my girlfriend. it so happened to be this hot chick at the gym that kept on catching my eye. we been together for nearly 2yrs now. it must of been all those weights i was throwing around that turned her on. that or my muscular pecs and massive pipes. I'll keep telling you boys out there. Nothing more than a set of massive pipes, guns, cannons or what ever you would like to call them turns on a chick more. even the hot receptionist at work loves to touch them when i come into work after the gym. on a true note i'm glad i'm with the g/f cause she is into the gym as much as myself. my motiviation is based on a bodyweight thing and trying to get ready for INBA in October. Along with that I always try beat my heaviest lifts every once in a while and try lift more reps than my previous workout. I like to see my strength increase and when people ask you. "Gee your a big guy how much you bench?" its worth it telling them you can bench 170kg-180kgs
  13. Impressive (i think)

    you dont need to use wraps deadlifting in general will strengthen your grip along with giving you nice manly caluses I've managed to lift 200 of the gound for 5reps without wraps and pulled 220 for one rep on the weekend. I tried 230 and my grip could not hold the bar. Thats after 50min of deadlifting (thanks markos for the program ). Im sure i could pull 230 - 240 with wraps but as markos said it aint a deadlift. Keep doing what your doing without wraps and you will start to notice your grip will get stronger. Do some farmers walks and get yourself COC grippers and you will be fine. Overall lifting will strengthen your grip anyways. Rows, deadlifts, curls, chin ups. Thats how my grip has gained most of its strength over the past year On a side note. I sometimes like to see how much I can pull off the ground with a belt and wraps while screaming "light weight, light weight, yeah buddy". I guess the good thing for me is some smartarse has stolen my wraps and I havent been able to use them for 3months. Markos prob flew all the way over here to perth to take them from me
  14. what he said ^^^ 100kg lean...huge !!!!!! how long you been lifting for pat?? how old are you
  15. IFBB Grand Prix, March 14th

    farkin spiros out benching me by 5kgs I'll be back one day to take the title
  16. IFBB Grand Prix, March 14th

    I really know fark all about bodybuilding....hahaha I have never really had much interest in the sport of bodybuilding and its only since a couple guys from the gym and guys that have competed have told me I should give it a crack. It is only now that I have thought about the idea of competing but still know sweet fark all about the sport. I have never been to a bodybuilding comp in my life. I'm looking forward to going to the IFBB in perth in a couple weeks to see what its like. As you know markos I was stuck with a footy in my hands from the day i was born. Still miss playing the darn sport as well. Pity I couldnt replace old lance whitnall. I was speaking to someone not long ago. He competes in NABBA. It was he who filled me in on some knowledge of the sport. Such as professionals getting their pro cards and claiming food and steriods as write backs and shit. I guess I've been mislead. I myself can not see the sport as a lifestyle of making $$$$$. The amount of time and $$$$ you would have to spend on your body before you actually start to make an income would be huge ie. spiros's mate whom seems to be spending $400 a week on steriods. What a waste of $$$$ and if you dont win it makes it even worse. I just thought for myself why not give the INBA a crack this year. See what my body can do /change in the space of a few months.
  17. IFBB Grand Prix, March 14th

    How much would they be spending a month on steriods? As for food? You can claim that ???
  18. IFBB Grand Prix, March 14th

    115kg @ 4% bodyfat.....that is insane I hope to compete at around 90kg with 5% bodyfat in October. Thats 25kgs heavier than me (25kg of muscle) and couple inches shorter in height. I would love to see their steroid bill. On a side note. If you become a pro bodybuilder wouldnt steriods become a tax write off. I'm pretty sure food is.
  19. hahahahaaahaha poor boy leave him alone. its ok to look like michael jackson in the gym as for body nick...looking good. need to work on those pecs. I'm sitting around the same weight as yourself. 102-103. Will put pics up soon as I hit 104kgs.
  20. IFBB Grand Prix, March 14th

    FFAARRRRKKK that. Plus add the price of food he would be throwing down each week. It wouldnt surprise me he is spending over $750 a week to get himself into shape. I would love to see the body transformation being on the juice spending $400 a week and eating like an animal.
  21. IFBB Grand Prix, March 14th

    how much do most of these guys weigh?? do they have official figures based on their competing weight for the day?
  22. For Sale - All My Gym Equipment!

    touche hahaha I have 1.5 and they screw me right up. havent used them in awhile as well and there sitting right next to me at work at the moment. let me just give them a crack right hand: 15reps left hand: 9 reps Fark its hard typing after that. I guess you now all know which is my wanking hand
  23. matts journal (advan)

    good benching big guy....keep it up and you will give spiros a run for his $$$$
  24. IFBB Grand Prix, March 14th

    yeah i'm going.....to Perth IFBB on March 28th Hopefully some of the guys that compete in melb make there way across There will be some serious units at IFBB. Juice monkeys and all.
  25. DofDof's Training Journal

    didnt know where to get/order international protein from? Simon you stock it in your store? If so whats the price? If thats the case I'll order one next time around. I'll handball this one off to my brother. I dont think i'll be having 334g. I'll prob half it houghy and drink it with milk