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  1. Deff sounds like air in lines some where i ran bm50 with skyline brakes and braided lines on my 180 pedal was firm
  2. S15 side mount into s13 CA?

    Any one on here put 34 side mount on 32? Want to know whats involved there.....
  3. Theres 2 switches on the box one is for reverse lights other is for neautral signal for idle map if u have wires on neautral instead of reverse it will light up in every gear
  4. 180sx Suspension

    Lol pedders and bc are the same :/
  5. wired it to neutral switch put wires onto the other switch
  6. Eh totally missed that some how :/ sharp blade and cut away is your only option then....
  7. Metal dimond mesh cut to size nd fit with cable ties
  8. Tuning an automatic skyline turbo

    Yeap nistune is where u wanna go
  9. Stage 3 Cams and stock exhaust?

    I passed inspection with a 3" turbo back exhaust just with a cat and baffle plate at rear joiner. So dare say will be fine with stock exhaust and cam
  10. Wtb R32 Rb20det Ecu - $50

    Price : $50 Condition : Used r32 rb20det manual ecu p/n 23710-04U00 or 23710-04U01
  11. Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues...

    Bleed master first then work way down
  12. Was running fine on 650 idle as auto dropped auto bolted up manual box bridged neutral and wired reverse lights thats all i touched fired it up and after warm up it was idling about 1100 unplugged aac and wound it completely in and lowest it will go is 900 and now no adjustment left... help...
  13. s14 front hubs on s13

    and a sleeve in the bolt holes for the strut to bolt to s14 knuckle as s14 14mm and s13 are 12mm
  14. 32 4door manual conversion

    Finally worked it out sr20 'B' stamped crossmember is 100% fit in auto 4 door shell the auto A and manual B dont line up at all car is all done now finally lol