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  1. Clutch Replacement Ideas!

    Exedy sports organic or npc heavy duty is what your after. Easy to drive with but still nice and bitey, both handle up to around 250kw.
  2. New Battery?

    Ha thats autobarn for you mate
  3. New Battery?

    ^^ Lol jump to conclusions much? Go back and buy a ns40 sized battery with correct terminal size. No need to have a big battery
  4. Great write up man! Only thing i noticed was you missed pink coolant type. Which is an organic version of green coolant i think
  5. S13 Engine Conversions

    There is no gain really in going from SR to RB20 except that RBs sound better (my opinion) SR is still a much more responsive motor. But that tune was obviously shit, stock 180's are not quick
  6. S13 Engine Conversions

    50 dollars shows how great they are, my point was if ur guna spend money get a 2j... Handle 800hp without opening it rb26 can even do that Can't * And my point is you have to spend 5x + more to get that setup, no shit its way better
  7. Cool lens but no stabiliser makes me sadface. Need a slider to make it look good. Also being limited to either a 50mm or a super wide angle isn't really good. The flexability of the 24 - 105 L series in filming is still worth the extra few hundred bucks. Nice find though I guess it all depends what you usually film.
  8. S13 Engine Conversions

    My mate bought a running RB20 for 50 bucks.. You can pick up 2j's for that yeah?
  9. 180 won't start at all

    Some say do some say dont with teeing off there. Guess it could be a vac line problem if they were played with
  10. 180 won't start at all

    Im not 100% but no I dont think it would be the cas. Spluttering is usually fuel breakdown or ignition breakdown
  11. 180 won't start at all

    Could be coilpacks or fuel pump
  12. suspension for 200sx?

    Well yeah. I thought it was obvious I meant cheap ones as are being discussed in this thread
  13. suspension for 200sx?

    Unless your tracking the car a good shock/spring combo will shit on coilovers
  14. 180 won't start at all

    Now dont post again till you've checked temp sensor and ran fault code check From memory though if it is the cas they dont show up as an error code... Could be wrong though