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  1. Make : NISSAN STAGEA Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 130000 Price : $17,000 Condition : Used delete
  2. 1993 Nissan 180sx - $6,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 96000 Price : $6,000 Condition : Used Here i have a 1993 Model Sileighty with a Type A front and a Type X rear. It has done 96xxxkm and has all original turbos and parts, CA18DET Manual with LSD. The mods list is as follows: - HKS HIPER DRAGGER coilovers - CUSCO rear Strut-brace - SILKROAD Castor Arms- NEW - TRUST DD Blastpipe Catback exhaust system with inner silencers included - NEW - CUSCO rear swaybar -Custom Decat pipe - NEW - BEE*R Rev limiter - NEW - APEX-i SAFC2 - Not connected - APEX- i EL2 Boost gauge - DO-LUCK rear Floor bar - BRIDE Lowmax - NEW - 16x8", 16x8.5" Mesh wheels with metallic blue bolts - Drift style, Headlight intake - NEW - All stock parts - R32 Floormats - Project Kicks Harlequin coloured lug nuts with locknut socket -GREDDY Type-RZ blow off valve - NEW - TOMEI short shifter- NEW The car has never been registered in Australia just imported and complianced, It only needs a Coolant bottle to get RWC Here are some pictures Selling for $6000 or the nearest offer located in S.E Melbourne Please contact on 0400275-458
  3. Hardtuned.net Sunday Sessions.

    You are correct my friend. and not just one... when i left at 5:45ish there was over 10 units...
  4. JZX90/JZX100 Adjustable suspension arms

    Awwww shhieeettt!!!!@
  5. JZX90/JZX100 Adjustable suspension arms

    you can contact Marc the owner of jzxworld. His username is TRD JZX100
  6. my r32 4door drifter haha

    matte black wheels look awesome! if they were in a different design though. still! drifting ftwwww
  7. Nissan 200sx S15 Spec R GT

    looks clean moight. i likey
  8. r33 skyline... 2jz

    hooooo that is awesome jz power ftw
  9. My new JZX100

    so i got some new goodies. =D Nardi Deep corn, Greddy shift knob and Shadow pro gauge. ive just been skidding lately tbh. all the moneys going into fuel hahhahaha
  10. My new JZX100

    heres an update. i got my blastpipes and taillights. car looks hawttt!!
  11. awesome!! looks like ill be getting these then. as i said in the previous post any chance you can pm me the price for boost, oil press, oil temp posted to 3190 in vic cheers =]
  12. w00t awesome well if thats the case is there by any chance blue ones? if not thats cool but my dials on my cluster are blue so yeh kinda want to match it =] how much for boost, oil press, oil temp posted to 3190 in vic cheers =]
  13. do these need a control unit like the Defi's?
  14. says on the defi website that bf series gauges need the control unit to run them. how come here it says you don't?
  15. Speedo bouncing and squeaking?

    probably something to do with the wire that carrys the signal from the gearbox to the speedo.