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    if one has ANY INFO i will pay for the located of the people that did this. and to make things worse i had to pick it up today and they come back and striped every thing , so be on the look out for EVERY thing on that list now

    o and r33 gtr seats

    insurance would be nice , and doing a insurance job would all so be nice at this point in time but i would have to have insurance in the first place to make that work.... PARTS MISSING WORK VSSF 18x7 and 18 x 8 RIMS HKS hi power silent zorst to4z garret turbo non cirlce steering wheel std gtr front mount and all the rest was brunt....

    STOLEN FROM CARDIFF /NEWCASTLE , NSW last night ANY INFO ON CAR OR PERSONS WILL BE REWARDED WITH CASH! mods list b26 rebuild at most 15k ago cp forged pistons n1 oil pump metal head gasket to4z at most 15,000kms old ETM exhaust manifold trail waste gate 700cc biltz injectors fully cleaned and spray checked 1000km ago boscg 044 external pump with surge systeam Bosch 023 intank adjustable cam gears HKS hard intercooler piping kit greddy steal intake pipe twin Z32 AFM's HKS mushroom pods custom air box carbon bonnet R33 GTR seats boost gauge Blitz ebc 1000kms old PFC with hand controller HKS cat back hollowed out cat only thier so it looks legit external gate as a screamer WORK Vssf rims Spitfire coli packs 1000kms old greddy oil catch can HKS coli overs All brand new silicone hose kit under intake manifold full engineered with papers all oils and water flushed less then a 1000kms ago (motor , gear box , diffs , trnasefer case , raditor) new tires less then a 1000kms ago after market steering wheel aftermarket very heavy duty clutch cd/mp3 player portable more i have missed have receipts of a lot of work ========================================================= pics http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=740646 ========================================================= car has been found in belmount / rainbow sands area and cleary done by some one in that area ANY INFO WOULD BE GREAT , they allso took a WHITE TROOP carrier with QLD rego , was used in the stealing of my car... thanks heaps
  5. max power of a bosch 044?

    yer well base fuel pressure is 41PSI in a r32 gtr so 41 psi + 24psi boost = 65 psi on full boast pressure.
  6. max power of a bosch 044?

    ok thanks for the info any one elsa? and this is in a gtr , i have a twin setup but do not wanna use it in this car as its being sold .
  7. max power of a bosch 044?

    yer i have no idea how he worked out i would only get 300 hp , i know of a few cars making around 330rwkw mark on single o40's and 023 intank's like i said first hand experience would be freat
  8. max power of a bosch 044?

    yer u read it wrong dude , ur thinking of 040 and 023 coz their VERY close.
  9. max power of a bosch 044?

    no , not even close . any one have first hand experience?
  10. max power of a bosch 044?

    mmm over 300? u rekon i would get closer too 400rwkw? i have 023 bosch atm intake and i am maxed it out at 316rwkw. thanks
  11. what would be the max power of a single bosch 044 with E85 and with 98? yes i know injectors will be factor but just talking about the pump thanks
  12. Screamer pipe /Butterfly Valve

    their good but don't come in 4" until early next year
  13. 7800rpm for me , i try to keep it below 8
  14. Screamer pipe /Butterfly Valve

    my question is why bother? the gate only is open when ur full up it? and i guessing you don't have a std exhaust....
  15. T28 bb turbo

    lol if you have too ask that question don't work on cars.