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  1. Fresh built SR20 Notch Top. Built head, forged bottom end blah blah Came back from the tuners sweet then began to rattle. I've tried bleeding lifters, replacing with 2nd hand items and different types of oil with NO success. I have a 2nd hand VCT solenoid and cam gear to try but don't think that is the issue but will swap them out this weekend. Can anybody suggest what it may be apart from the previously mentioned..? 99% sure its top end just very hard to locate where the rattle/tick is coming from... Please refer to the video for help with possible diagnosis.
  2. Changed VCT gear and solenoid no difference..
  3. AE92 4age 16v Small Port MAP Rebuild receipt for $1500 Motor has a maximum of about 400km on it since rebuild. Majority of the kilometers were running it in. Genuine RWD Alternator/Bracket, Starter Motor, Cut and Shut Intake Manifold, Dizzy & leads, RWD Sandwich Plate, New Water & Oil Pump, Custom RWD Water System, New Belts & Plugs, Lightweight Flywheel, Throttle Body Blanking Plate, Engine Mounts and Speedflow Fuel Rail Fitting. Can include T50 Box, 1pce Tailshaft, Radiator, Fuel System, Kelway Headers and/or Exhaust if interested. $1650 ONO TRD Style Exhaust Manifold (Kelway) $300 2¼” Straight Through $350 Junbl Cannon/lobster back) bolts in using stock KE70 exhaust mounts (Made by Exhaust Technology) [Whole system as a package for $550] 2ltr. Custom Surge Tank $100 Bosch VL External Pump $130 [Whole system as a package for $200] VL lift pump $30 Custom Dash $30 Custom Ignition Switch Panel $20 [sell as a package for $50] Battery Isolator Switch $20 Aluminium Radiator & Davies Craig Thermo Fan (custom mounts) $250 T50 Gearbox (ADM) with fork, clips and slave cylinder $450 AE86 Gearbox Cross Member + T50 Mount $70 2x AE71 Clutch Master (one missing a lid) $60each Custom One-Piece Tailshaft $200 T50 Gear box Mount $30 KE70 Flat Front Head Lights (good condition) $70 KE70 Flat Front Grille (mint) $50 KE70 Flat Front Bumper (mint) $70 AE86 Koyuu Seat Mount (Recaro/Bride) $120 Nardi, HKB Boss Kit KE/AE & Alloy Spacer (can separate) $280 Pair of SSR Longchamps XR4 15” x 7” -1 (incl. 80% RE001s) $600 Firm NOTE: One wheel has a dent from hitting a Mallala ripple strip but still holds air fine SOLD: Pair of MA61 14” x 7” +8 (incl. 70% RE001s) SOLD Pair of SSR Mesh 15” x 8” -3 (tyres are dead) SOLD Custom Smallport RWD Loom (made by Garage7) SOLD AE71 Pedal Box SOLD Speco Tacho SOLD Speco Oil Pressure Gauge SOLD Speco Oil Temperature Gauge SOLD Speco Water Temperature Gauge SOLD Speco Fuel Level Gauge SOLD 4age Coil $OLD 4age Igniter $OLD 4age Vac Sensor $OLD XT130 Corona Control Arms (fresh Super Pro bushes) $OLD AJPS 6KG 235mm Springs (cut to 200mm) $OLD Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch & Pressure Plate SOLD One-Piece Braided Clutch Line SOLD K&N Pod Filter (incl. Silicon 45* elbow and alloy reducer + oxygen sensor) SOLD PM or Contact James on 0 4 3 9 0 3 0 5 5 6
  4. Who will stretch tyres in Adelaide and do a good job with out scratching my wheels?
  5. Genuine Z32 Air Flow Meter + Apexi reducer $200 CALL OR MSG JAMES ON 0439 030 556
  6. Genuine Z32 AFM (Good Condition)

  7. [SA] 99 Toyota Chaser JZX100 S2

    ADELAIDE (EAST) 1999 Toyota Chaser JZX100 Series 2 102,000km Automatic Completely Stock 100 (Apart from wheels) 2nd Owner Since Import This Chaser has been well looked after and is in great condition. IMMACULATE INSIDE AND OUT A general service has just been completed New rear brake pads installed New Battery 3 Months Registration INTERIOR/EXTERIOR TRD Grill OEM Lip Weather Shields Stern 17x7j Wheels w/ Good Tyres Stock Chaser Spare Wheel w/ Brand New Tyre $9600 Call/MSG Simon on 0414 154 803
  8. Rolling Baby Blue KE70 Flat Front 82 Shell Front passenger side damage, kink in the rail and on defect, good donor car AE71 Engine Cross Member (worth $200 alone) All panels (Boot, Bonnet, Doors, Front Guards, Front Bumper, Head/Brake Lights, All Windows and Front/Rear Windscreen) Brand New Super Pro Steering Rack Mount Bushings Solid Fuel Tank, Locked Borgy Professionally by Exhaust Technology, Stock Suspension and Passenger Seat + Drivers Side Rails Interior Stripped Bare Minimal Rust, except for spare wheel well but still solid ONLY what is listed is included $400ono Make an offer need it gone this week Contact James on 0439 030 556
  9. Quick question does any one know if 16x8 +0 Steelies (D-shaped) will clear S14 turbo brakes on a S13? Cheers
  10. Brake Clearance

    Is it an offset or wheel diameter issue?
  11. What Offset? - The Complete Wheel Guide

    Thread Revival: Not really an offset question but does any one know if 16x8 +0 Steelies (D-shaped) will clear S14 turbo brakes? Cheers
  12. Genuine Z32 AFM (Good Condition)

    will post all items
  13. 1991 Silvia S13 Dark Green S14 SR20DET with VCT Trust T518Z with 8cm rear 740cc injectors Microtech MTX8 FMIC painted black with custom welded piping Stainless exhaust from turbo back with twin tips (also custom welded dump/front pipe in lobster piping) Alloy radiator (sprayed black also) Walbro fuel pump S14 gearbox Heavy duty clutch Nismo two way Tien coilovers all round with camber tops S14 5stud conversion and brakes Adjustable camber, castor, toe (front and rear) Front and rear whiteline sway bars Stock Kit J headlights R33 GTR wheels Sabelt Steerer D1 Quick Release Bride door trims and glovebox Recaro recliner with sliding rail. Drift button Nismo gear knob Sunroof
  14. 91 Silvia S13 Rd2 - Street/Track Beater

    Been putting in work.
  15. Hi Guys I recently bought a rough S13 with S14 Sr20det running gear off a mate. Unfortunately about 6 months ago some scum bags stole the car and abused it. I am having issues with 2nd gear. Its fine from 1st to 2nd at low revs the majority of the time not so much at high revs. However is crunching shockingly down changing from 3rd to 2nd at most revs... I have drained the oil and disappointingly found this (refer to photo) can any box gurus tell me what these pieces are..? Drained oil was a gold flake colour (refer to photo)... So I am thinking its syncro’s but not sure and don’t have that much knowledge when it comes to gearboxes. I have replaced the oil with a fully synthetic Penrite oil (75W-90) and a Nulon Smooth Shift gearbox treatment as a temporary fix but have not driven the car yet to see if there is any improvement. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers James
  16. SR S14 Gearbox Issues

    Thanks boil2, its definitely a shifting insert clip or 2 that I found.. Pmod yeah I didn't think about picking up another blown box to pinch parts off, only thing I am a bit unsure and not too confident when it comes to gearboxes but worth a shot and would be nice to have a replacement at hand. Thanks again appreciate the help lads
  17. SR S14 Gearbox Issues

    Thanks for the helps guys, appreciate it! Test drove the car today after fresh fluids, no difference still fu*ked... Gonna go till she blows then buy a new box
  18. 91 Silvia S13 Rd2 - Street/Track Beater

    Plan is to get it relatively legal so hopefully I don't get any stickers and just drive the thing. Going to get a set of steelies not quite as aggressive, water temp, oil pressure, oil temp gauges and that's about it. Budget build.
  19. ADELAIDE Kazama Alloy Subframe Spacers $40 Solid Steering Column Bushing $30 Z32 Air Flow Meter + Apexi reducer $200 Nardi Steering Wheel 200mm + Alloy Spacer $220 Pair of SSR Longchamps XR4 15” x 7” -1 (4x114.3) [one wheel has dent from a ripple strip but still holds air] incl. 80% tread RE001s $550 S13 CUSCO ZERO-2 Coilovers SOLD S13 NISMO 2-way 4.08 (5-bolt) SOLD S13 Kazama Castor Rods SOLD BRIDE Brix1 Drivers (Deep Bolsters / S13 Super Low Rail) $OLD BRIDE Brix2 Passenger (Shallow Bolsters / S13 Super Low Rail) SOLD SSR Mesh 15 x 8j -3 4x114.3 MINT (tyres are dead) $OLD JAMES 0 4 3 9 0 3 0 5 5 6
  20. Rolling Baby Blue KE70 Flat Front 82 Shell

    Bump Make me an offer need him gone