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  1. Just wondering, i know the jdm 6sp s15 have the larger 480cc injectors unlike the aust spec... does anyone know how much rwkw they can safely handle up to? I am thinking of doing the usual bigger turbo with 040 fuel pump, no more than 16psi boost, turbo back exh, intercooler, etc. I know you can get 230rwkw safely, but i am looking at around 250rwkw. Does anyone know the formula how to work it out?
  2. My friend did the unthinkable, crossed jumper cables!! I am trying to help him out to narrow things down for the electrician to save $$ by the hour, so i know the most common thing to go would be battery, fuses, alternator, radio/cd/amps, and ecu. I have replaced the battery for him, swapped all fuses and i am sure the ecu would be fine as Nissan with EFI I think have a safety relay installed to protect the PCM. The only thing that works is the headlights but not a single sound or light anywhere else. What else could it be? Otherwise i think there is a good chance of the alternator needing replacement.
  3. crossed jumper cables on an s15

    yeah, the first think i checked and replaced, the biggest ones, i.e. two 60amp and 100amp have been replaced already. But there is still no dash lights, sound or anything, cant start it still
  4. Stupid question, but assume these are bolted like on other cars, but i cant get to or see the bolts. How do you get the main fuse out?
  5. sorry, s15 sr20det The fd is a lot easier to get out, open screw unlike the sr20s
  6. i am just looking for people who have used paintless dent removals in the past who can recommend good jobs at good prices. The only guy i know so far is dent masters. Trying to avoid painting as silver isnt the easiest colour to match! cheers
  7. My s15 is developing the usual and common VCT cam gear knock, i dont want to disable VCT and put in standard inlet cam gear (which is only $110 instead of $600) as i will lose a fair bit of power low down. Nissan is charging over $600 for the new VCT unit, does anyone know who/where sells it for less? Oh, and if you have replaced one and know how to do it, shoot me a PM for a cash job!
  8. shagged VTC gear

    The teeth on the cam gears are quite worn if it is to the point of knocking, it is only $110 from ISC on here for the inlet cam gear and only an hour of labour to fit. It is worth fixing for only 200 or so bucks
  9. sr20 common cam issues?

    it is a knocking sound (not ticking), seems like from the top but did a compression test and all cylinders are normal and even. Could be bottom end bearings? Or cam related even?
  10. Re-spray Prices..

    did he repaint your beema? if so that looks damn good!
  11. Re-spray Prices..

    does anyone know of 'spikes auto'?? Any experiences? Some guy posted: "spikes auto. they painted mine. also creator of the green laser with carbon fibre guards he also does custom fiberglass parts, repairs drift damage and also has chassis straightener in his workshop ring him on his mobile 0417003663"
  12. hi, after one hks inlet cam gear for an s15 (to fix annoying rattle), post code is 5074. cheers
  13. I am asking for my friends dad, thought this might be a good place to ask. Just wanted to know if anyone with a workshop and or a car yard have looked around for insurance and who they ended up going with. What does it cover and how much are you paying. The main cover is to cover cars for theft while at the workshop, damage in the workshop and test driving on rd, fire, etc. If anyone has been through this, please leave some names of the insurance company, this will help cut to the chase as there are so many out there! thanks!
  14. Just wanted to know if anyone is complying fd rx7s in SA or going to?
  15. I am looking at getting an s15 vertex kit off a sponsor here, just wondering if anyone has bought anything from hypergear, empireareo, cjmotors etc? Anyone but vivagarage as i already know their quality. Hypergear and empire areo at one stage guaranteed good fit... if anyone can share their experiences that would be cool
  16. s14 speedo into 180SX

    i think so, i heard from a guy on ebay that said the s15 one fits into s13 and s14
  17. S15 with oil leak - serious?

    is it blowing blue smoke on cold start up? if it is the turbo seal, you can make sure of that by taking the front pipe off and look for oil in the pipe
  18. anyone here under 30s and earn over $80k+ ?

    80k aint a big deal these days, the money is in business. look at how much locksmiths, plumbers, electrician etc make
  19. the day i win the lotto
  20. splitfire coilpacks`

    there is a sponsor here selling them for the sr for only $499! not spit fires but seems just as good
  21. 5k import

    mission impossible, compliance is around 3k alone.
  22. SEVS and modified cars

    its fd3s-503325 exact to the first one
  23. Button injured in F1 accident

    got me worried for a second, funny though