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  1. This Dashboard light (attached) has recently been coming on in my skyline r32 93'. Only when I come to a red light or the car is stopped and is idling, once i drive it goes away. Im not sure what it means I know its not the engine light, but I think its got something to do with the exhaust overheating? Can you guys help me out and tell me what it is and what I can do to fix it ? Thanks Heaps
  2. NSW Girl Cruise

    oh hooray u back yet ??!!
  3. Newcastle Girls?

    if u girls r up for a meet up im definitely up for drivin to newy!!
  4. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    Hey Liz how you been? Keen for a catch up early Jan? hey babe geez sorry for the late ass fkn reply haha i havent checked this shit in ages and i was overseas too.. ive been good hun how about urself?!! where has everybody dsappeared too?!!
  5. Introduce Yourself

    Hey we should do a Newcastle and central coast girls meet up! yeah im heaps down for driving to the coast!
  6. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    mee too (sydney)
  7. NSW Girl Cruise

    How do we feel bout a mid week meet up like last time? yeah that sounds good to me, so who have we currently got interested? YB50FT cheeky_chick112 Lizzy is there anyone else interested?
  8. NSW Girl Cruise

    ok welll come on galss are we organising something???
  9. hows the quality of your car? any problem with nation wide warranty? no, the warranty was good, i winked at the guy and he gave me 3 years warranty instead of the 2 years i was suppose to get haha. the warranty is with state roads or something. they only cover a few things but all the things that are covered will be in a booklet he gives you and it will also outline how to do everything like who to call and what to fill out. you also get like your next 3 or 4 services for free or something, theres a reciept thing you fill out and you give it to the mechanics that work on behalf with state roads, so yeah its pretty alright, you can question him about it first and he'll show u the booklet n shit. they also do the 24/ road side asistance thing
  10. old aussie guy? i bought my first skyline off them about two years ago and it was a Russian mob that owned nagoya motors. they were good, and they were also the cheapest place for a stock skyline that i was looking for
  11. NSW Girl Cruise

    haha not quite, this sunday, but yeah im prety much here in spirit hehe
  12. NSW Girl Cruise

    hey im still alive!!!! lol
  13. Nose Piercings.

    dam, all this time ive been seeing u and i never new u had a piercing on ur back!!!!!!!!!
  14. ns.com Whos Who In NSW

    f**k andre u fixed ur car up good! its as white as the rabbit!! beautiii-ful!!
  15. Interested in doing a model shoot?

    do you do editing and photoshop on the pics? i wanna look 10kgs lighter and ten times darker muahahahaha