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  1. Hi wei I have emailed you can. Why do people keen asking for prices, it says it in massive bold letters at the bottom of the first post! I just bought a set of GridR's a couple of days ago, Wei is a great guy, finalised the purchase super quick and he's sent them off the following day - cant wait to get them. Cheers Mate This is a forum where ppl can post up, I'm sure it wasn't much a crime to ask the question to reconfirm. Wei, I'm still waiting for a response for replacing the rim. Can you advise me when you would send it?
  2. Matt black looks hotter then the gloss. Is that rota drift rims?
  3. Hi wei I have emailed you can.
  4. Should of came any way ... I would of had a pre meet with ya then you wouldnt feel lonely then. I've got some pics not alot though as I haven't got good quality. Yeah it was bumper to bumper but I was early there so didnt have to wait that long.
  5. Custom number plates ideas?

    I think VICKKS is better, I recently got my plates and its KI77TY...
  6. It was a great turnout, glad it didn't rain if not that would of ruined tonight.
  7. I'm from auburn where are you from?
  8. How much is it for the rota grid 18 inch?
  9. Thought you said that you "when u drive a modded car u take that risk everytime you drive on a public road man" and I thought you said you can talk yourself out if you get pull over? This event is properly organized. I think cops will not be a party pooper that was on jdmst I cant comment on that since im banned such tight asses on jdmst seriously loosen up over there and i can bro haha you still coming tonight bro? Why di dyou get banned from JDMST?
  10. These are really mad photos, esp the the 1st one Its good to see there are pictures of the owner next to the car as well. Looks like it was a cosy cruise nice pics JiZzLes
  11. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    I know I'vee been trying to organise one but its either no confirmation or backed etc ... i would like to have a meet up but it never really happens
  12. Who else is going? Seems like ppl are ditching this since RallyE is not coming