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    Being wit JK, Cars, Driving, Cruising, Hanging Out, XBOX 360 lolz. Music, Racing guys....
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  1. Sydney EOMM Anyone?

    Supp Ladeez..... Been a while sorryy, I finally took the car out after how many months today....Felt sooo goooood....Bloody got a V8 my dream so i forgot about the s15 for a lil while...ha ha ha ha...Anyway, I'll be keen next week if yuuz are up to it... Take it Easy Ladeez... Marline... P.s... Yuu want me to bring my dogs to yOur house to waste that dog? ha ha ha Jokes.. (That's Cruelty)
  2. NSW Girl Cruise

    Seems everyone but you and me has gone M.I.A. lol What up Ladeez... Yeah sorri, I've been a bit silent... Now that i work afternoons, i'm to buggered to do anything anymore.... Hey got defected lastnite, a whole lot of bullshit tho, a triple s went hooning pass and the cop was on his tail till he seen my car, came for me even tho i was driving slow as... 5 defects, only legitimate one would've been the BOV the other four were stoopid.... So i got 7 days to fix em up... the young cop was sweet it was the old dude with him was a Prickk.... Well ladeez, will let yuuz know when i'm free again to catch up at this stage will be a while, but don't forget you 2, when yuuz are down my way... Hollar at cha Gurl.... Peace...

    What up Brew... We can't make it G, Heading bakk to NZ Friday morning... Sorry, Was a last minute thing, we fly bakk Wednesday night so I'll hollar and well catch up that night if yous are free..... SCHWEEEEEEEEET. Have fun Guys and Gurlz!...Be Safe..
  4. Girlfriends 21st!

    Hey there, There's 2 places up north where if you and your girl want a romantic few day retreat, it's amazing a little bit pricey but beautiful. They have all different specials and packages and seen as she likes things from Tree of Life she should enjoy as it's up just past Byron Bay, and there are plenty of cheap flights to Coolangatta or you can drive but damme it is a mission... The links are below. http://www.wollumbinpalms.com.au/ or http://www.ccrr.com.au/ if that's too romantic then take her to NZ, You have skiing, The beaches are amazing the scenery is great. or any backroads as there is plenty of action with them street drifters ... just not Auckland well South Auckland that place is gross.... hope i helped... Marline.
  5. Mini Meet Up

    Sorry bro, I forgot about your niece.... Yeah My mans the same to, he'll be like yeah yeah you can drive then we'll meet up and then he'll be like oh babe you forgot your glasses or something stupid like that, he'll probably hide them... ha ha ha... Well hopefully we can meet up before then, I'm working again for my uncles company, a night job Sun to Thurs so i won't be able to meet week nights for a few weeks, but whenever your down your mans ways giz a hollar and well catch up...Sweet...
  6. Mini Meet Up

    Sorri can't make that Friday, because i'll be doing the midnight cruise on Sat.... yo YB5OFT, you coming on the midnight cruise?? be a good time to pump those cars out... ha ha ha.. tell yah man to come, we'll drive down they can drive back up so we can sleep....
  7. WSID this Wed 17th of Feb

    You're funny.... That was 2 days ago......
  8. Hey, I'm a Sydney sider who's keen, I hope my mate -S15R- or MIS_180 goes then I have someone to follow.... sounds like a nice cruise...
  9. Mini Meet Up

    All good one of ma mates is a dude, he's coming with his Mrs... and I totally forgot it was spose to be for the ladeez... we'll just tell him to throw some lippy on.... :silly:
  10. **Spotted Thread**

    Not to sure if it was you KidDynamite, heading in to nulla b4 Northies around 1 today.... I'm sure you're the only one around with a black 14... If not then whoops someone else...

    AYO!!!!! What a great idea. . .. Great times to, Keep the Five 0's of our tail. I'm also keen for whichever road with less pot holes... I'll prob get Josh to drive seen as our nights are his days due to work....I'm bringing a Video camera this time....
  12. NSW Girl Club Name

    hey chickos.... is this on??? u guys going next week? Hey Alis, Check out the topic on I think it's called WSID in the ladies forum... Gives more detail about what and when??
  13. WSID this Wed 17th of Feb

    Hey Ladies, Don't be shy to reply, Keep a look out on this page for Wednesday night or wednesday fortnightly meet ups, Someone is probably going to be there so if you want to catch up or are free on a wednesday night, this is the topic to look under.... So far, I haven't made it to 1 yet but the next one i'm assuming is the 24th, Watch this post for more updated details during the week but like i said ladies, through your interest up. and Yo Sxcspider you going to go to the next one??
  14. WSID this Wed 17th of Feb

    Sweet, Let me know what time and where?? I probably won't stay out too late as i'll be cruising on my own and i've got a long travel home...
  15. WSID this Wed 17th of Feb

    Ayo!! YB5OFT, where do you want to meet up?? I'm not missing out this time.....I need to meet u cause I have no idea where to go..... :woot: