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  1. im after a set of cst hyper 1 but am after 2 wheels 18x9.5 +23 and 2 wheels 18x9.5 +15 can u supply me with these instead of same offsets through out as its going on a hilux
  2. Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

    do u do a stud stud wheel?
  3. will this power fc setup work with my redtop sr20 serials PFC SR2015 020-0593 controller is fcc3 need some info as google is just making me chase my tail and if itll work trhen ill buy it
  4. hi can u supply rota grid drift type rims for 6 stud rodeo? 17" or 18"
  5. bahahahaha u are a newb arnt u do a search or something as what ur askign is can u complaince a s13 with a gtr motor...does the build plate have rb26 on it??????i think f**king not so theres ur q anwsered
  6. um should i comment?theres a reason why there more expensive from tomei and its not coz there jdm
  7. just a q what makes yours worth using over tomei?fine u save dollors but is this something worth playing with for the sake of a few bux saved
  8. Nitto Engine Components

    im pretty hsore australia or so ive heard
  9. Nitto Engine Components

    hmmmm so considering the 2jz stroke kit 3.4l so so no shit lol
  10. CBR250RR 1998 Fireblade

    ill post some pics and vids of the cbr250rr im building for a overseas customer and ull want one straight away(so many goodies and all custom from top to tail no matter what anyone sez the mc22 cbr250rr is one of the best learner bikes out there maintenence wise performance wise modification wise all round and its 4 cyl so rapes all these homo gpx,ninja,cagiva,etc
  11. What would I get for ~$15k

    i have a soon to arrive series 2 1997 six speed supra in red SZR could work something out
  12. haltech ps1000 Special

    i know whats in the kit i kinda asked what ur price was but never mind ill buy off etuner thanks for the helpful info
  13. haltech ps1000 Special

    how much for just supply on the 2jz plug and play kit?
  14. verossa? is this available for comp? jspec imports has them listed for sale and say comp is available? can u shed some light please