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  1. Now considering ANY cash offer - no swaps pls Cheers, Roni
  2. 1993 180sx for sale - $9,500

    Hi all, listing a car up for a mate: 1993 180sx red top SR20det with approx 165,000kms. Manningham area, Melbourne, Vic Asking $9,500. Contact details: Jason - 0433 800 054 SMS preferred (NOTE - SELLER IS OVERSEAS UNTIL 28/4/14) Mod list: · Bullet cannon cat-back exhaust system · GFB Stealth FX Hybrid blow off valve · APS front mount Intercooler system with custom ART piping · Bosch 910 fuel pump · 550cc fuel injector · Daikin full faced ceramic clutch · Lightened flywheel · Lightweight harmonic balancer kit · Magnaflow high-flow catalytic converter · Magnaflow dual 3” twin twip exhaust · Custom 3” dump pipe · Z32 airflow meter · Earth Cable Kit · Apexi Power FC ECU · Car battery boot relocation kit · Engine damper kit · Apexi Exhaust Controller Valve (ECV) kit · Cusco front castor/ toe rods · Tien HA Suspension/ coilover kit · Rear camber arms/ kit · Steering wheel aluminium direct-fell spacer · Drift polyurethane gearbox mount · Blitz DC Gauges – Boost Gauges, Oil Pressure Gauge and Water Temperature Gauge · HKS EVC 5 Boost Controller · HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer · Garrett GT2535 ball bearing turbo · Front/ Rear stabilizer bars · Rear anti-flex boot brace bar · Aluminium coil-pack free flow cover · K&N panel air filter · GENUINE Sealazone side skirts and rear pods bodykit · SSR 15” lightweight drift rims · Hankook Ventus K102 tyres · Blaupunkt front speaker (left/right) · Blaupunkt mini subwoofer system · Velocity tuning fuel pressure regulator · DRIFT oil catch can · GENUINE Nismo Leather gearknob · CUSCO LSD 1.5 ratio · GENUINE ARC TITANIUM Air diversion plate · Aluminium DTech under-engine protective tray Come check it out!
  3. Hi all, selling due to lack of use & change of heart (I go through 1 car per year). This car was only bought 6-7 months ago & I still have the State Roads vehicle inspection report conducted at the time - very comprehensive inspection with engine compression test. I've made all the necessary repairs / maintenance on this car, nothing left for you to do. Mature owner, genuine sale, guarantee that you will not be disappointed! Approx 83,000kms on ODO. RWC supplied. Rego paid up till Feb 2015. Asking $26,000 - open to offers. Mods that came with the car: - 3" turbo back Invidia exhaust - Process west top mount intercooler and intercooler splitter - Process west cold air intake - Cusco heat shield - Larger fuel pump - BOV (currently removed) - KW coil overs - 18x9 +35 BBS LM - Pioneer GPS headunit (iPod plug & play) - Debadged & dewinged trunk - Engine tune done by R E Customers (runs perfectly, no cold start issues etc) Also, front drive shafts replaced prior to sale Repairs / maintenance / mods I have done: - Big service upon buying the car - all fluids flushed (Gearbox, Diff, Coolant, Brake fluid, engine oil etc) - Replaced worn strut top bushings - Wheel alignment after adjusting vehicle height (current clearance approx 10cm) - Low speed sensor replaced - Added hub rings to back of wheels - Wheels repaired & refinished - BBS lug nuts - Polyurethane front lip added - 2 amps, Hertz 2 way splits & Hertz subwoofer installed by Phatt Audio - Brand new Optima dry cell battery - New Federal Super Steel 595 tyres Other parts included: - Stock Suspension - Stock Downpipe & cat - TurboXS 3" catback Wing NOT available anymore - sorry Please call / SMS me if interested: 0413 370 418 Cheers, Ron This car is priced well for the market at the moment given the work that has been done.
  4. My Supermade 180sx Build

    Hey dude, is there a box in a box for those subwoofers? Or does the whole thing just happen to be the correct metric volume for the subs? Good work w/ the interior so far, looks tidy. Where did you get ur Supermade kit from? Expensive? Thinking about getting a front bar from them. Cheers!
  5. s15 LS1 turbo street, track, whatever

    Amen! Street driven 4 life. Lol But you have me intrigued now...
  6. s15 LS1 turbo street, track, whatever

    Mate, are you going to get a VASS certificate for this & register the swap w/ Vicroads? If so, I'm most interested in how it'll go. I'm planning a LS1 swap for my 180sx now... would like to get it registered for the street... but dunno if I'm dreaming. Good luck with it all! Cheers!
  7. i have a vh45de in a 180sx with a five speed 300zx gearbox and it's 100% legal, engineered in nsw. very do-able here's me at the SAU texi with it Nice! How does she handle?
  8. Same here actually. Let me know when u start it, and I'll do the same. We need to source a good engine & gearbox first, then I'll decide on the kit. At the moment though, I think Fueled Racing will be the one...
  9. Yo, spoke to Fueled Racing and they offer a comprehensive RHD kit. Comprehensive means it includes Power steering & AC conversion lines, tail shaft, headers, etc. Expensive though! http://fueledracing.com/ See this page for other options though: http://www.silviav8forums.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=723 Silviav8forums is a whole bloody forum dedicated to this conversion, but pretty much all dudes in USA. Tried to ask them abt VASS approval... got one response asking if our cars are RHD...
  10. I spoke to a friend from Vicroads a few months ago, and he said there was no limit on engine CC increases... BUT we spoke to another VASS engineer last night and he said there's a 'new rule' where the max capacity of the engine permitted depends on the weight of the car it is going into. He'll get back to us today. If he says the car is too light, we're going to ask if we a add roll cage, or a bigger battery in the trunk, etc, if these things count as weight increases. But besides that, he really didn't say much else. It was more like: "Does it fit?" "Yes, it's been done before." "Ok." LOL much more chilled than the first dude. This VASS process is beginning to look pretty damn subjective & touch n go.
  11. What problems are we talking about? It'll just be a standard running LS! ... well ... standard-ish