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    Caldina GTT, BJ40, COROLLA D4D
  1. Caldina GTT wheel alignment figures

    My front wheels were toe'd out 2mm which would explain the car handling like a sack of potato's I have set the front to .5mm toe in for now which has made a big difference and sharpened the handling up & got rid of the vibration through the steering wheel Camber is at .7 deg negative, & Rear wheels are 2mm toe in, Camber is at 1.2 deg negative This is with OEM springs and struts When I have a little spare time I will play around with the settings to see if I can improve things further! I have a home made jig to set the toe and a digital clinometer for the camber so its down to me if I get it wrong but at least its free
  2. Caldina GTT wheel alignment figures

    Thank's for that, at least I have something to to compare it with now
  3. Is there anyone out there who has the factory wheel alignment figures ( Toe in/out, Castor, Camber ) for the Toyota Caldina ST215W ? Archieblue