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  1. help choosing

    have a look
  2. help choosing

    solid engine and gb mounts instead
  3. Aero/GT spoiler help

    they look like d-max rear wings not stocko
  4. $2000 to spend on 200sx s15

    Dude. East coast customs at kedron. Recommend! Talk to rob
  5. S15 as Daily

    I brought one, 120 000 kms. basically stock. now at 198 000kms. never had an issue. service her and she'll behave herself
  6. WTF are these?

    Oh ok. So i take it ur car doesnt have the second thing? Workshop manual doesnt show either on vaccum diagram
  7. Hey all. Just cleanin up the engine bay. came across two things and i was like wtf? So anyone else with a JDM S15 you may know. This is just a vaccum restrictor correct? in the line from plenum to bov. Can I take it out? Effects? Looking at the engine bay its on the left hand side near the rad support (As shown below). Lines run from carbon cannister to this this then back to plenum i think. Anyone know what it is and if so can i unplug it and just connect the two vac lines together (bypass it) Seen left of screen Any help much appreciated
  8. max tread on standard s15 rims

    increasing width = more surface area (not to much camber) = good increasing profile (---/x/--) = increased roll
  9. max tread on standard s15 rims

    im running bridgestone adrenalin re002's 225/50's. Brilliant
  10. S15 evap canister

    Ok good stuff. i noticed one of the vac lines off the top of the canister goes across to some electronic thing with a plug and wire connected to it. the vac line then exits this and goes back to plenum i think. whats that all about?
  11. S15 evap canister

    This may be a noob question then but will that vent line vent either fuel vapour or fuel straight into the engine bay?
  12. S15 evap canister

    Yeh mate the carbon cannister
  13. S15 Rad overflow

    Yeh been looking on ebay for some, with little luck. Also been looking for mig welder for some DIY fun lol Think a overflow can might be a little advanced for a noob welder tho