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  1. Hey Fellas So i need abit of help getting the Ac to work in my s13, Its a 1992 factory digital climate control and i've relocated the engine bay fuse box to behind the glove box. I've also removed the standard ecu and any other unnecessary wires. The car has no motor or compressor in it at the moment so no refrigerant in the system. The only way i can get the AC relay to engage is if i earth the green/yellow wire that used to go to the standard ecu but weather i press the AC button on DCC unit or not the relay is still engaged. So does anyone have a wiring diagram that could assist me? Picture of my car for attention
  2. Getting AC to work in s13 with DCC

    All sorted man, i joined the green/yellow wire from to AC relay to the Blue/green wire from the dash loom and had to bridge the pressure switch on the dryer because it has no gas in the system. Thanks heaps for the help
  3. Getting AC to work in s13 with DCC

    No i haven't tried that wire, ill give it a go thanks
  4. Hey everyone i reciently purchaced a s13 sr20det silicon heater hose kit off ebay for my 1992 red top sr20det. I got the hoses but none of them fit the seller says that there not for red or blue top so my question is does anyone know where i can get a heater hose kit for my car.
  5. s13 sr20det heater hoses

    yeah i was gonna replace them all anyway so i took the plenum off and to find none of them where right very pissed haha
  6. s13 sr20det heater hoses

    They would be pretty expencive wouldn't they?
  7. Vicdrift Open Practice - Winton

    hey is it on 10th or 11th