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  1. I'd say use whatever tactic works. If a new years resolution will get you more commitment than just deciding to then go for it. That said I started two days early because I didn't want to buy a new pack. I've quit a few times for a few weeks or months, but self control is hard when you're getting hammered every weekend with a bunch of smokers. Best of luck Glynnside. Definitely worthwhile.
  2. things that annoy you

    This, also the money saved by not hiring so many cleaning staff would be invested in something more useful creating more jobs anyway. It's the same logic that says we should go around breaking windows to bolster the economy and keep glaziers in business.
  3. things that annoy you

    Sounds like Bigpond.
  4. iirc there's a site wide sign in option that signs you into all of the various hardtuned websites which should solve that issue. Menu's load behind the new post box thingy like so: Edit: Btw this in Chrome, not sure if the issue is the same in other browsers.
  5. things that annoy you

    This. I've worked in retail a while now and neither I nor anyone I work with has ever stopped a theft by performing a bag check. So in essence we've invaded the privacy of hundreds of individuals every day for no reason. However on the other hand if we did stop doing bag checks people would naturally start stealing stuff in their bags. On topic: Litter. Like f**ks sake is it that hard? You wanna leave trash lying around your backyard be my guest but keep it off our streets, beaches and parks. I swear I'm the only person under 30 that doesn't just chuck their trash on the ground/out the window/wherever.
  6. Looking for mining work

    I've been applying for a stack of apprenticeship positions around the country. Mainly looking at fitter and turner/diesel fitter/related trades. I've found it's far easier to look on the individual websites for the mining companies than to go through seek, careerone etc. there's also a few mining specific job websites around.
  7. awesome bars

    Ah nice. You're actually building it. I'm even more impressed I assumed you're assignment was just to design it. I see you're finding inspiration for your design after you've already finished it lol. I think I did the same thing with every single assignment where I've had to show the inspiration/conceptual development. There's a few good free renderers out there, I've never used any of them because I have a pirated copy of 3ds Max with V-Ray, but when I was at uni there were a few people using Kerykthea (sp?) and they seemed to get good results out of it. I'm doing a diploma of furniture design/building at tafe at the moment and the machinery we get to use is insane, makes everything you used in highschool look like utter crap. Are you planning on doing some sort of cabinet making/joinery after you've finished school?
  8. awesome bars

    Probably google images would be your best bet, or pick up a Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly. Not quite the same as bars, but similar enough to draw inspiration from. Also have a look at some product catalogues to work out the materials, door fittings and such: For your benchtops (they look like stone): http://stonefactory.com.au/ http://stonegalleria.com.au/ http://www.gitanistone.com.au/ For hinges, handles, etc. http://www.hafele.com.au/ (Go to the catalogue and then the decorative hardware section) http://www.hettich.com.au/au/722.php (Catalogue is on the right) Lighting: http://www.hettich.com.au/au/937.php http://www.sla.net.au/?i=17619/interior-architectural http://www.thornlighting.com.au/au/en/products_electronic_catalogue_f.htm General architectural products. http://productnews.com.au/ That's just a few examples, you could find more websites by doing some googling. I'm not sure what the criteria are for this assignment, but if you're planning to work or do further study in the design field it pays to get into the habit of thinking about what you're design will be made of. In terms of the design, make sure there's enough room for people to get through between that curved wall and the edge of the bar. You'll find doors are generally 820 mm, make it at least this wide. Also I like the columns, but I'm not sure if they'd be enough to support the weight of the top part, especially that one column in the corner, especially if it's full of grog. That upper bit also seems to be boxing it in a bit, I'd consider maybe just having it go along the wall that adjoins the kitchen. What's the rest of the furniture/interior design like? Modern/minimalist is good, if they're antiques it'd clash badly. The colour scheme you've chosen is fairly neutral so no worries there, although it will look. Also out of curiosity what's that red thing on top of the bar? Also that's a wine rack under it yeah? One last thing, what are you modelling in? Sketch up? It might be worthwhile exporting it to some other software for rendering your final versions.
  9. Hangover Cures, Whats yours?

    Wake 'n bake Doesn't work so well if you have work in the morning though.
  10. I'm a caveman and don't have internet on my phone.
  11. Sharia law for Australia?

    I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with Islam (at least nothing that isn't inherently wrong with all other religions). The problem is with Islamism, ie. fundamentalist Islam, however in many parts of the world (but thankfully not Australia) the fundamentalist Muslims seem to outnumber the moderates.
  12. How can money cause problems? It's a way to make the exchange of goods and services easier. Without it trade would barely exist, we'd only have the most basic technology, medical care, sanitation, education, etc. Without currency civilisation could never have formed. I think what you mean is human nature ie. greediness is the cause of most of the worlds problems, the way this is manifest is usually in a desire for money, but you can't blame money for it.
  13. I blame the morons who read New Idea, Women's Day, etc.
  14. Are you an Atheist?

    Well obviously some people are going to dispute every single transitional form that has been or will be discovered because it contradicts what they "know" to be true ie. that God created everything fully formed 6,000 years ago.
  15. Sharia law for Australia?

    How many "Christian laws" do we actually have? Yeah it's in the bible that you shouldn't steal, rape, murder, etc. it doesn't mean that they're specifically Christian laws