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  1. Built S15 SR

    Currently overseas, got. Some money and plans for the car. Purchased two sparco seats yew
  2. n/a TALK <<

    love the steelies
  3. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    love the stealth look

  5. Built S15 SR

    diff is up next!! rb box is still running smooth. very happy with it, although am noticing the change in ratio now!
  6. Built S15 SR

    Your a dick Adrian haha miss not having my car with me here. Should be ordering the new turbo+lines and everything, dump, front pipe and manifold this thursday. Going to be good! we should be use to being separated from our cars by now!
  7. for the last few months my car has been randomly cutting out.. ill be giving it a bit then all of a sudden it just cuts, no response, will just roll to a stop then all the accessories lights come on. i wait two seconds then start the car then its drives off normally like nothing happend.. got to a point once it cuts out i can turn the key off while still rolling then start it again on the roll and continue driving, ive been to archy once whilst ive had the problem drifting around the track and it only happened once.. could it be something electrical? it has happened a few times whilst just at idol at traffic lights but it happens more often once im boosting it. but yea not everytime dosnt seem to be getting any worse or any better so its hard to pin point what it is any ideas? thanks my build thread (list of specs)
  8. 1 Piece Tailshaft problems?

    new owner of 1 piece tailshaft havent had any dramas with it or noticed much extra vibration. more then happy with it
  9. Built S15 SR

    Your a dick Adrian haha
  10. bent my tie rod

    yeah i bent one of mine i just got another oem one and installed it, its pretty easy even i could do it and i suck at mechanical stuff haha
  11. Built S15 SR

    What i should of said is there is a change in the ratios but it's not a bad change. Power tune kit was 1600 Got a rb25 box from a r34 for 1200 Since I had a pull type clutch and 34 box are push type I had to get a conversion to my clutch that kit was 600 700 for custom 1 piece tailshaft And labour was a few hundred, it ended up like 5 k all together not a cheap conversion but I had a few glitches on the way. If you get the 33 box it should be cheaper etc. All them prices off the top of my head I'll have a proper look when I get back today from work
  12. Built S15 SR