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  1. Spraypainters in Sydney

    http://gossiponthis.com/2012/05/31/bath-salts-caused-miami-man-strip-naked-eat-another-man-face-off/ well, at least his breath would have smelled ok! Like lavender! *cough* anyway, cat food's isle 2. Pussy's out the back!
  2. Spraypainters in Sydney

    Isle 5, next to the bath salts......
  3. Spraypainters in Sydney

    nah.....mostly sugar!!!!
  4. Spraypainters in Sydney

    man, one dude out at north shore quoted me 1G paint n fit......geeeeeeeeetttttttttttt farkkkkkkkkkked! needless to say, I politely declined his generous offer! Andy, there's a can of coke in it for ya! LOL
  5. Spraypainters in Sydney

    ***UPDATE*** So...after getting defected Thu, I had to get this front bar done ASAP, so I got the guy who quoted $250 to come do it yesterday. He did a v. good job, but as he was leaving the wind blew it off the hooks n f**ked it up, so he came back this morn. and cut it all back, fixed up the chips and re-sprayed the whole thing again (no extra charge!). His name is Mark (Mark's Industrial Coatings) and his no. is 0417 679 355 if anyone is interested. He reckons he's happy to travel all over sydney... top bloke too... even gave me the leftover paint for touch-ups.. Speaking of top blokes, got n1smo4 coming over on the weekend to help us fit it.....what a champ!!!!
  6. Spraypainters in Sydney

    sweet..will do, thanks dude! isn't that why you prep/undercoat??
  7. Spraypainters in Sydney

    Yeah, supposedly (It's still in its bubble wrap!) sorry blingy....I did search!! Promise! link to thread would be tops... Backyard job would be fine, as long as it's a good job. The big issue is $$$. ***update*** Found two different guys who will paint @ mine. One's coming now to inspect/quote. The other quoted $250 over fone! (not fitted - but thats OK!)
  8. Spraypainters in Sydney

    Really?? No-one??? shit.....
  9. PCV - Blow by hose. NEED HELP!

    Haha....I think it might be the last one in existence!! lol I rang wreckers n everything! Couldn't find the original hose anywhere! It's like they just ceased to exist! f**k it! I stuck it in the new hose anyway!
  10. PCV - Blow by hose. NEED HELP!

    Here is the part! Sorry about the crappy pic! Here is where it lives/d! My new catch can! $60. Repco! And 1m heater hose - $4.00. Same size. And fits catch can outlets! Now I just gotta figure out how to mount the sucker! P.S. The metal thingy I'm guessing is to restrict the amount of air coming from the rocker cover? (used to call it a rocket cover when I was young. Sounds better! ) Anyways, fits nice n snug in the new heater hose!
  11. Just got a new front bar for my s13 (fiberglass), but getting it painted is going to cost an arm and a leg! The cheapest quote I've gotten so far is $400, and that's not fitted! I reckon I could sort out the fitting myself (maybe?) but that's still heaps more than I expected to pay! Colour is white. No pearl. No flake. Just white! lol So I checked out the other threads, and couldn't find anything of much help. Plenty of people saying to DIY, but I have no experience or equipment! This leads me to wonder if there are any experienced spray-painters lurking around in Sydney who could do it for me if I threw some cash their way. (As long as it's a decent job... I'm sure I could use a spray-can myself!) Any recommendations, suggestions or referrals would be appreciated! Cheers!
  12. PCV - Blow by hose. NEED HELP!

    nah,. it's like a round washer type thing, but thicker (like me! ) and it's in the end of the hose (rocker cover side)...I got NFI... I'll hit up repco/supercheap tomoz...does it need to be 'oil resistant'?? stay tuned!
  13. PCV - Blow by hose. NEED HELP!

    No luck from TAARK... How can it be so hard to find a bloody hose!! If i do this, what about the metal thingamajig in the end of the hose? Is this the PCV valve?? hmm....so confused!
  14. PCV - Blow by hose. NEED HELP!

    Yeah, its from the top of the rocker cover (LH side) to the intake pipe. Just hit up TAARK. Waiting to see what he says! lol
  15. NISMO Parts!

    Going crazy trying to find a PCV hose for an s13 CA18det... to clarify, its the hose from top of rocker cover (LH side) to intake pipe.