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  1. Getting these back in for r32 at any stage?
  2. birds birds birds :D

    Good thread!!! I have cockatiels and a berating pair of scaly breasted lorikeets! Pedigree btw
  3. wide body for r33

    Off topic kinda but who knows where to get bigger than 25mm for a 4door r32 rear?? Don't say viva coz they are 25mm aswell
  4. As topic states after some recommended places in gosford area who do goo panel and paint at a reasonable price Post up I you have had some good experience or can recommend anyone!! Thanks
  5. THE O1G WHEEL IS HERE - $990/set 18x9 +20

    That or rota with the o1g centre cap! Saying that I'd be keen in a bigger size and lower offset if they are coming?
  6. brake pad choice

    Intima SS or SR are good value and extremely good on street! No dust either
  7. Holographic Sound System

    Won't get q replacement but u could easily get it fixed from an auto elec or the likes
  8. How do I make my 180sx flutter noise

    Hahaha funny as!
  9. Room for rent

    And do we get share the gf too? lol Good luck on the free plug man! Make sure u interview everyone who is interested but!
  10. Bee r limiter

    Keep the gain down when setting it up! It's safer to cut igniton rather than fuel btw
  11. Room for rent

    Nice pussy!
  12. best engine in the world

  13. Hey guys

    Welcome to the forum
  14. 170pc socket set $50.

    Someone get me a set and send to nsw
  15. Should trent be banned?

    Wheres my socket set?