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  1. Bumping this thread up for anyone who hasnt been following the development, the dogfighting module (delayed for around 6 months and now called Arena Commander) is being uploaded to their distribution servers right now. So hopefully it will be available for download in the next few hours and playable tonight. The way its being rolled out is that anyone who has access to it will get the single player game modes, and then the multiplayer will be rolled out according by citizen number, which basically equates to being in order of when people registered for the game. They havent given a real indication of how long it will take for the multiplayer to be rolled out, but hopefully it will be in the next week or 2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13919-Arena-Commander-Build-Update
  2. Watch Dogs

    Ignoring the graphics and fairly average PC port, I'm having trouble staying interested in the game. A little bit into Act 2, and the story just isnt particularly interesting to me. The overall gameplay is pretty good, but when compared to something like GTA V it falls a bit short, especially when it comes to driving. The hacking is fun, but at the same time its just press x to hack, theres really no more complexity to it than that. I don't know, I think its a game that was never going to live up to the hype that was built around it (much like Titanfall. imo), but they really haven't helped things by dumbing the game down from its initial E3 presentations.
  3. Battlefront 3?

    Pretty sure work on it got delayed due to all the BF4 launch problems, but I haven't followed news about it really. I'm a massive star wars nerd, and loved battlefront 2 so am really keen for this. Cant imagine it not being released on pc either.
  4. The Walking Dead

    Season finale next week so it will probably be another big episode
  5. Infamous: Second Son

    Mate of mine just bought this for $65 from Dick Smiths, so its worth shopping around before going to JB or EB haha
  6. The Walking Dead

    Yeah they had been building up to this for a while, even back when they were in the prison they were dropping hints about the girl (dead rats/rabbits to feed the walkers). The whole thing was done really well, one of the best episodes so far I think.
  7. The Walking Dead

    Yup, i've been watching it.
  8. Star citizen

    Have been following this game for over a year, amazing to think they have nearly hit $40 million Theres an older thread on here btw http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=534589
  9. Xbox One

    Its not really a beta, its a combination of stress test and demo. The game releases in under a month, thats not enough time to make any real gameplay changes. EA is just calling it a beta and getting some free publicity.
  10. Xbox One

    Anyone want an Xbone Titanfall beta code? Got emailed one today randomly, after getting my PC one
  11. The Walking Dead

    It's back! Decent episode I thought, bit slow in places (especially coming after the last episode) but had a bit of suspense which has been missing from the series for a while
  12. The Walking Dead

    Next twist. Walter White Jnr wobbles after them in a dramatic slow chase spanning 5 episodes. Walking Dead + Breaking Bad spinoff series starring Walt Jr - Walking Bad
  13. http://store.steampowered.com/app/221100/ $30 on steam. I haven't bought it yet, im over buying games that are in alpha haha.
  14. e-Theft/Fraud

    Maybe slightly off topic, but is there still no way to leave trader feedback on this site? Pretty much every other car forum I have been on has had some way of leaving positive or negative feedback for someone, its part of the reason I'll buy privately from people on SAU for example, you can tell pretty quickly if other people have had good or bad experiences with the seller based on the trader rating.
  15. Fallout 4

    I'll just leave this here too. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2013/12/leaked-documents-reveal-that-fallout-4-is-real-set-in-boston/ Possible spoilers for some of the intro dialogue in there btw.