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  1. G'day guys, I'm considering buying this seat. I just need to know if it is fake or not? Please see attached photos. Cheers.
  2. S14 reo bar to S15

    G'day Guys, The S15 reo bars are stupidly expensive.... Does anyone know if a S14 reo bar will suit an S15? Cheers.
  3. S14 reo bar to S15

    Bugga thanks tho.
  4. S14 shroud into an S15

    Good Morning all, Quick question.. Does the S14 radiator shroud fit into an S15? Pretty much my S15 one is broken and clowns want stupid amounts for postage, I want to extend my search options.
  5. S14 shroud into an S15

    Dream come true for me
  6. S14 shroud into an S15

    I live in the NT, not to many people are selling spares hahahahah FML. Those were my through exactly, S14/5 are pretty much the same.... But yeah.
  7. Fanta Orange S15 - LS3 Conversion

  8. Famous blast pipes haha

  9. my s15, what turbo

    3071 wont get you to 300-350kw unless you are running E85.. Nicknack's comment is good.
  10. Car accident compensation

    I am pretty sure pays out these days are bases on a percentage of disability. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50% ect ect.. And you don't start seeing money until something absurd like 60% Just he said she said tho.

    G'day Guys/Gals. I am chasing a S15 drivers side headlight. Hit me up. Cheers, Joel.
  12. S15 Surge tank install

    S15 SURGE TANK. Hey guys, pretty much f**ked atm... Installing a surge tank into my car, I went to run the fuel lines... Turns out you can't cut the ends off and press 5/16 male fittings male barbs into the factory lines.......................... (Theres some stupid plastic tube that is covered with a soft rubber) The net says SWEET F A on installing a surge into a Silvia.......... Pretty much how have people ran the lines? As the hard body lines come right up beside the fuel tank and the body of the car... There is no way I can get my hand or a pair of long nose pliers in there... let alone slipping on another hose. Photos or anything would be good.
  13. Hey guys, S15 only please, Iv'e done 180s and S14 before, but the S15 is impossible.... Can you show / explain to me how you have ran your fuel lines for your surge? Return and feed. - How did you run the new EFI hose to the Hard lines? and; - Where do they join.
  14. S15 Surge tank install

    Where the "soft line" meets the hard line is right beside the fuel tank and the body of the car, there is no room to get my hand in there. What fittings are you talking about? All I can think of is cutting the fuel lines at the start of the rear wheel, adding a double flair and getting some female to barbed AN fittings. Seriously has no other S15 owners done a surge. Or does everyone just pay a work shop to do this... I will get photos to night to explain better.
  15. S15 Surge tank install

    Hey Bling, Thats what I tried to do. Ref : http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=377882 Those angled fittings I cut off and tried to fit a male to male barbed fitting into them (5/16)... Theres a plastic inner hose protected by a soft rubber casing (Ethanol compatible???) S15 SUCK. Pressing the barbed fitting into the line just caused the plastic hose to split or be pushed into the soft rubber hose. Note: The outer rubber house isn't EFI, it's soft and easily breaks.
  16. G'day Guys, I have just put a Z32 gearbox into my Sil, but now I have a clunking noise.. For the life of me I can not sort out the issue. Noise is present 1st through 5th. Does not make the noise in reverse. Only makes the noise under load aka if the car is on jack stands the noise is not present. https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be Skip to 39s to hear it clearly. The noise was not there when I removed the 6spd Its not the engine. Its not a wheel bearing. All the bolts are tight around the bell housing. Flywheel bolts are torqued to the right amount, and same with the clutch cover bolts. Tail shaft bolts are tight. The box is filled with royal purple. Any help would be tits..
  17. Z32 Gearbox Sr conversion

    Used a adapter plate, so X amount of small bolts into the engine then the gear box bolts to the plate.
  18. Z32 Gearbox Sr conversion

    The only thing that has changed is the gearbox, cross member and tailshaft. Nothing is fouling. OEM engine and gearbox mount
  19. Light coming on under high rpm

    Ummm yeah I was going to say, if your engine light is flashing and you have a Power-FC its your knock meter?
  20. G'day guys, I currently have NPC clutch and billet-fly Sr20/S15 my question is; Are the flywheel bolts the same size? Or do I need longer fly bolts?
  21. 300kw can be done cheaply.. aka stock engine like powertunes red dragon.
  22. Red Shitbok - Matsuri 2K14 wrap up!

    Mad, cant wait to read about the power run.
  23. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Nice, pretty jelly.
  24. car keeps stalling:(

    Boost leak.. Check all your pipes for small splits, and check the turbo as I have had a split pipe there.
  25. S15 Coil Packs

    Well I have a missfire and have done the following to fix it. New copper spark plugs gap 0.8 Cleaned the AFM No boost leaks Coil loom is good The Coil packs have about 150000km and now I am just assuming its the Coil packs.. S15 OEM Packs or Splitfires GO! The price is a much of a muchness. Note: FRESH ENGINE rebuilt about 3000km ago every thing replaces expect the Coil packs.