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  1. 180sx rear seatbelts

    I had type X ones in my 91 model. And will be putting them in my 89. As long as you get all the brackets I didn't have any problems.
  2. 180sx rear seatbelts

    Try find yourself a set of type x seat belts. They have a cover that protects the seat belts
  3. Hey guys, As title says, I'm after a manual Flywheel to suit s13 sr20det Prefer South East Vic if possible but willing to pay for postage for the right price. Thanks
  4. Underside goes to radiator, top one is breather
  5. WTB sr20ve sr16ve

    Hey guys Looking at doing a VE head swap so looking to buy p11 or p12 head. Prefer Vic but happy to pay for poster. Thanks
  6. sr20 cluster

    Having wired up a type x cluster into a standard 180, from memory pretty sure they had all the same wires sensors etc.. Only thing that was different was Airbag, so I think standard cluster would be fine. Tacho wouldn't be working because you need that resistor. Everything else should be working.
  7. sr20 cluster

    So nothing working?
  8. sr20 cluster

    What your referring to is type x cluster being digital, and then standard sr20 one being analog. The analog one will be plug straight in, type x can be but needs to be rewire completely. You can also use ca cluster it should all work except for the tacho which is fixed easily by adding a 10k .25w resistor between the IGN and TAM points on the back of the cluster.
  9. Stripped Bolt hole on block

    If your in Melbourne call the thread doctor. That Guys amazing.
  10. Alternate air con location

    Wow just looked up size of the Hino one online, that's really small 255x290mm will have to measure it up to see if it will fit.
  11. Alternate air con location

    Size will definently play a big role Nostalgic Air Parts do a 12"x14" was one of the smallest I could fine. Ill have to check out the one on my Hino at work.
  12. Alternate air con location

    I've also been thinking about this but was going to put condensor where stock intercooler is. Hard thing is finding a small enough condensor. Interesting to see how you go
  13. CA18-Sr20 gbox question.

    I put a ca box box on an sr with bell housing didn't swap the speed sensor. Worked fine. But that was in an original ca 180. So not sure if that made a difference or not.
  14. R u using the Japanese Vin not the Australian vin? Could be your problem. I have it but not home atm.
  15. Uni student need help!

    Small world.. I'm also at Monash final year. Except I'm doing product. Will fill out for you