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  1. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Well dont be fags and just say who it is?
  2. lexcen meet up

    Pm me some details and pics please.
  3. lexcen meet up

    Hmm I might have to head to the wreckers and scab some Toyota badges
  4. lexcen meet up

    Doesmy vn count? (Basically the same thing. Just Holden re badged it after buying it from Toyota)
  5. i know this has been asked a million times but i can find the exact same issue. when i engage the clutch, whether it is warm or not, there is a horrible grinding. at first like everyone i thought it was just the thrust bearing. so i swapped that out. the bearing didnt seem that bad at all, and the clutch which has been swaped from the dual mass, was in pretty good condition. put a new bearing in and drove home and it was all good. done less then 50ks on the new bearing and it started again. i have seen some people say the VCT, dunno what that is. the noise happens when the clutch is pushed in and then put in gear and then stays there until the clutch is releases, even if i put it back to nuetral. anyone have any ideas or had similar problem
  6. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    just buy new BC's. there not JDM brah, but they are a bloody good coilover for 1200 odd bucks. Also, dont want to sound like a *milkshake*. But should you focus on steering properly before doing a private day for 'battle practice'?
  7. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    you should get new rear coilovers
  8. how much power does your 25 make?
  9. go 195/55r15, and please dont raise it. you have to go really low to pull off 15s.
  10. Price : $800 Condition : Used as stated, selling a pair of 18x9.5+30 work XT7 in chrome, no scuffs or blemishes, tyres are basically new aswell. $800 pm me or message me, will try to reply asap. Cheers Andrew
  11. Price : $900 Condition : Used As stated a pair of mint work xt7 in 18x9.5+30 with near new tyres, were on front on car. They are chrome. chasing $800 no swaps. pm or message me. Cheers Andrew
  12. S15 Front lip

    What ya mean by Simpsons?
  13. looking for a front lip for S15, have heard of people using DC2 integra JDM spec front lips, anyone done this or have other ways cheers
  14. ECU talk dash thing

    and how would i go about doing that? do i need to find someone that does it?
  15. got a ECU talk thing, not sure if it is the actual ECU talk brand but it is a similar thing, anyway the display screen has stopped working, it is showing to rows of black boxes and that is it. I have tried disconnecting it and replugging it in and it still wont work, any idea on the problem and how to fix it cheers