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  1. SR: red cap comes off overflow tank and easy to fill with fluid
  2. Rear suspension - not aligning

    I am selling my car and thought I should post here to clear up the thoughts of those checking out this thread. The alignment problem has been rectified through Revzone (Ringwood) and their external alignment provider. There was no need to replace subframe after all.
  3. S15 Custom Air Intake Part 2

    What cloth thingy? The panel filter? Panel filter is in. Reservoir details - see link: LINK
  4. S15 Custom Air Intake Part 2

    Thanks Jatt The snorkel is still there, but considering blocking it off, definitely try to see effect. Good luck with the build.
  5. S15 Custom Air Intake Part 2

    Well, i'm sure i could use something a little more attractive and expensive than gaffa. Not that I mind the comments about cost, but maybe I should explain: I'll find it difficult to find time to make one of these for someone, but if they pay me top dollar i'll make the time. I think people should do this themselves, or use the idea and get someone else to make it cheaply.
  6. S15 Custom Air Intake Part 2

    That's a fair point, but its my cost. I def think people should do this themselves if their into modding and spend time locating proper materials (still to put up my list of mats for ppl). Thanks for the comments regarding function, good to hear.
  7. S15 Custom Air Intake Part 2

    Yeah, its a work in progress, will keep an eye on the dirt factor and see comment above regarding water. gravity and inner ribbes should be enough, but we'll see. I love China Durability is not a problem, its f*7kin solid. Plus i've have had weaker, less heat resistant pipes in the same position ending at the side near the engine bay hole bending slightly down toward inner fender gaurd for months and did not move an inch, winton and other track days tested. Also zip tied around the pipes just before the airbox plastic inside the airbox just to make sure no movement. The pipes are strong enough and flexible enough to allow movement, which is what i was aiming for. As to the airbox v pod discussion, there is enough info above and on forum to answer. :: Basically the intake pipe to the turbo and the Z32 is about 3" wide. Intake made above is 4.4", more than enough air plus its outside temp and not taken from engine bay. Also using K&N filter as mentioned, which are not as effective with stock air box, that's why the change. For me the goal was maximum cold air intake and max insulation from engine heat. This is what I came up with by putting various ideas from others together. Could probably do a few more things for insulation, but thats for another weekend.
  8. S15 Custom Air Intake Part 2

    Not really trying to sell it (takes ages, hard to find time), but yeah, compared to stock, its a huge difference, i already had the pipes without the scoop, so for me it was little change, but cooler air means lower turbo temps, means push harder without pop, it def sounds better. Just another thought, the ribbing on the inside of the pipes is prefered so water is caught on the ribbes. Thanks, I think its looks good too, even though most of it hidden.
  9. S15 Custom Air Intake Part 2

    Yeah, inner plastic guard liner fits the same, pipes tuck in quite nicely. I will post up materials here later, cbf right now.
  10. S15 Custom Air Intake Part 2

    my cost is reasonable given the results and the time it take to complete + materials. I encourage people to do this themselves, great fun, but very time consuming. Your right, everyone's is different, is why a different mould will probably have to be used - more time. That said, it will most likely fit on most cars. Pictures don't show it. Also wanted to make it easily removable for paint work etc. FG Kit was $60.
  11. Hey party people, just finished a Fibreglass Ram Air Scoop (FRAS) - dubbed by me. I recently installed AFM, 740INJ & PFC and wanted to do the air intake properly - did a half job last time - see link: LINK FRAS 1. First made the plug (mould) by cutting foam to shape then gaffa taping, with pipe ends on top (also tested fitment - note intercooler piping, fitted fine): 2. Then covered plug with 3 coats of wax & PVA mould release, left over night. no pics, same as last except waxed and covered. 3. Cut piping and installed into air box, pulled piping through to front area (piping from purple pig - $20 a metre - bought 3m, only need about 1.5 metres - is 2.2" (56MM) ID (inside diameter) and 2.4" (61mm) OD (outside diametre). Piping rated at 140 degrees C and is very tough coil design, relatively flat on the inside and considering there is 4.4" width of piping, the slight rib does not matter (AFM intake is not that wide) - however the air passing over the internal ribs is subtle but sounds wicked. 4. Next day, time for fibreglass, about 3 layers, big a small pieces cut to make shape, then dry, then pull - came off easily. Kept the plug for future use. 5. Painted inside of ram scoop black. 6. Don't want any large street dirt so put mesh on left grill and fixed it with wire. 7. Install ram scoop, cut pipe shorter, done. Took 15 hours (quite long because first time and wanting to get it right). Above is just brief detail, but there were plenty of tricks used to get the results, very happy with the end product. Construction of all parts is extremely solid and will last life of car If anyone is interested in one, I can give you a list of stuff to buy (especially fibre glass - you need a few product for the way i've done it) If you want me to make it, i will charge $450. Special thanks to lil adam (melbs15.com) who gave me the idea, and FGI, place I bought fibre glass at and gave me a quick run down on how it all works. Fibre Glass is super, so light, so workable. With 4.4" of extra cooler forced air intake, the car just eats it up and rumbles nicely - ooh yea! Actually sounds better, quite astonishing. dflux out / | \
  12. Rear suspension - not aligning

    it can be corrected, but you need every arm to be adjustable.... What your aligner is talking about is dynamic toe. This is why you need traction rods, and a decent aligner. Its a total prick to setup, but its needed if you wnat your car perfect. By every arm, do you mean every link between subframe and wheel carrier assembly? Or just traction, camber and toe arms? Those three arms are adjustable on my car (traction, camber arm - d project) (toe arm- stock, but is adjustable), but can't get alignment correct. Could the aligner just be inexperienced? Not sure what dynamic toe is, but full adjustment on toe/camber arms is not possible without putting camber/toe/castor out when adjusting each. I am taking it to Tru Track in North Melbourne for a second opinion. $650 for a subframe delivered! Don't want to rush it.
  13. Rear suspension - not aligning

    Ah, yes, i have adjustable camber and traction arms - the stock toe arms are adjustable. Aligner said that when the camber is adjusted, the caster/toe moves (wheel moves forward), when toe is adjusted, the camber moves. So he left with it with more negative camber but the toe/caster even to opposite side - rather than having the camber even and the toe/castor different on either side. So alignment cannot be corrected with adjustable arms - and no obvious faults found in arms.
  14. Rear suspension - not aligning

    I think they mean the actual rear subframe connected to the chassis - see link: http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=365756&st=0&p=4914613&fromsearch=1entry4914613 It could be anything, a control arm, or one of the other arms connected to the wheel carrier assembly shown in the above picture. Its driving me crazy cause I may replace the subframe, strengthen it, then find my alignment problem is still there. I hit a steep ripple strip at Winton pretty hard on the rear right side. Is it recommended to replace subframe, then start replacing arms, or replace arms first? Hard to know if any arms are damaged when no signs of damage... aligner said it all looks fine.
  15. Rear suspension - not aligning

    Thanks Caz, good thread by the way - here is the link: http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=365756&st=0&p=4914613&fromsearch=1&&do=findComment&comment=4914613