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  1. alrighty, cheers for that. i'll go for a drive to autobarn tomorrow and see what they can do for me
  2. hey guys, my drivers side seatbelt clicker has decided it no longer wants to hold my seat belt. so im driving around clicked into the passenger one, which isnt exactly comfortable and probably not legal. wondering if anyone knows if it could be a simple problem that I could just fix myself or if i'm better off just buying a new unit and swapping them. if so, if anyone could reccomend me a place in Brisbane I could pick one up from and can anyone do me a quick little walkthough of how I go about swapping them out? Also, Im trying to find a new pulley and belt for my air con, if anyone knows a place in Brisbane I can get good quality items from? Cheers.
  3. Hi all, So I just bought myself a 1992 S13 running an SR20DE with an S14 5 speed. ran fine and now it's chugging and hopping anywhere between 2k and 4k in every gear. also, it wont idle flat, there's a tick and vibration there. It's running on unleaded that's probably not the best, but surely that couldn't cause it to play up as bad as it is. looking for any ideas as to what it could be? cheers.
  4. powerhouse-trap GT5, MW3, BF3
  5. Bathurst 2009

    yeah me too. had nothing better to do, although then again i kinda made sure that i didnt. hahahahaha yeah they sound awesome. yeah it was good to see some really challenging conditions. wierd weather pattern that repeated itself about 5 times. was soooo cut about the team vodafone drive through, they didnt touch the cones, didnt touch frosty / richo. then once tander got that 5 second lead i knew it was all over. then the clutch problems. was hoping they'd make history and break 2 records.
  6. Bathurst 2009

    yeah i know. hahahahahaha thats one of the funniest things i've read today. now i'd say murph's record is safe for another year. wish it had gone before lowndes went back to holden.
  7. Bathurst 2009

    Ok so, i know i'm going to flamed for mentioning the dieing breed of v8 supertaxi's but. on the final lap of Todays (Thursday) Practice C Whincup posted a lap of 2:07.3745, just within half a second of Greg Murphy's 6 year old lap record of 2:06.8594 from 03'. if the boys are able to do that on a cold track with no rubber and therefore little grip then imagine what the record will be by the end of the Top 10 Shootout on saturday arvo. if the team vodafone boys win this one they will overtake (no pun intended) the 3 straight win streak of the late great Peter Brock. R.I.P buddy. shall be an exciting weekend. wish i was there GO TEAM VODAFONE (last season i support them)
  8. hahahahaha yeah me too. only thing is, i am a blues supporter living in QLD and a friend who is a strong QLD supporter sent it to me. i had a pretty good laf
  9. i heard that it was started when some milkshake opened the NSW state of origin trophy cabinet.
  10. Drift Damage - The official thread

    looks like the grass could have been a little slippery? rear end might have slipped out?
  11. Drifters Traffic School

    oh alright, cheers guys. sad to hear yet another quality motor sport production wont go to air.
  12. Drifters Traffic School

    was the talk of this coming to tv right? and if it was, when is it coming?
  13. Quotes, sayings

    your all going to hate me for this but, "It dont matter whether you win by an inch or a mile, winnings winning." it was a matter of time.
  14. F1

    eeehh imo they need to all go away for a year, talk it all over and come back with their decision. whether it means having 2 or more championships or one. or going all gt3 and having different driver / car categories.
  15. F1

    werent they talking about it during the Melbourne GP? i know they were talking about one of the teams that quit like jaguar or someone coming back.