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  1. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted Stunr yesterda y
  2. Join the reserves dude
  3. Summerfieldayz

    Sup guys, anyone going summerfieldayz in brissy next year?
  4. Summerfieldayz

    oh man, the proxy and treasure fingers were my fav, 2manydjs was pretty average, they played a better set at parklife last year, the huge white tent was pumpppppn!
  5. what do you listen to at the gym?

    lots of progression and dubstepppppp yeah boiii!
  6. Who threw something at Dizzee at BDO Gold Coast?

    haah, gold, awesome day though both gc and sydney
  7. pretty much mw2 ftw atm, feel free to add me 'shengnshet'
  8. Superpump 250 and Size on

    Sizeon > 250 anytime!
  9. Headsets for gaming

    I bought the sony ones, worked great!
  10. Greenwood Hotel Incident

    yeah i always park in the car park when i drive there, but yeah feel sorry for ya
  11. Australian Defence Force info

    Grunts are gay, especially chocs lol. come join engineers you will have 10x as the fun
  12. COD 7 announced

    mw2 is pretty addictive, thank f**k is uni holidays lol. oh add me shengnshet
  13. the phone of 2010

    what's this google phone i hear is coming out??
  14. Bluetooth head phones

    the sony one is sick lol. i use it for online gaming though
  15. whats your fav sport

    Ice hockey of course, fastest contact sport in the world!
  16. Mw2 titles & emblems

    lol yeahhh

    The killers are playign at GV's sydney!
  18. Summerfieldayz

    Yey! Future music and goodvibes, soild lineup, summerfieldayz lineup is rubbish lool. oh well something different, just gonna get looose anyway
  19. Your favourite album

    La Roux and Ladyhawk and black eyed peas