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  1. Nissan 180sx - 265+KW at the wheels EOI/For Sale - $18,000 You get a complete turn key package and MORE! Will come with QLD Rego and Safety Cert. Can send offers, I'll just say no if itstoo low. No drastic hurry to sell, your getting ALOT more than just the car (hence the price tag) Car Build: 1000km on rebuilt engine (SMP Tuning & Engines) on motor, stage 3 everything (head work, hydraulic lifters, cams, adjustable gears, forged everything, braided lines) 8500rpm Rev limiter, can go higher (aka more power - See Shaun at SMP Tuning & Engine to arrange this!) Custom intake and exhaust manifold Custom dump and removable screamer pipe. GT3071 (500kms old) running 20psi Brand new turbosmart external wastegate. 3" straight though to twin cannons Hydraulic handbrake Alpine Stero and Speakers Turbosmart BOV Skyline brakes all around (new rotors, 5000km old) Bilsten shocks on lowered springs (5000km old) 17" rims - 9" rears 8" fronts 148k on body, 1000km on engine since rebulid. Alloy radiator (ISC performance with twin thermo's) Excedy HD clutch. Projector Headlights Adjustable Rear arms Autometer genuine gauges Walbro intank Near new tyres all around. Lots other bits and pieces I've done over the years that I can't remember ATM. Perfect drift car, Bilstens make it awesome for the track too. Spares/extras (not installed) Front and Rear FBR Wide Fenders Complete Veilside bodykits Another Front Bar ADR approved FBR Bonnet 4 x 17"-7"Wide White 8 spoke rims (for rears only, won't clear the front brakes) Spare gearbox Halo/Angel Headlights Clear Tailights Under Engine Bash Plate. New oils in everything. Changed ever 5000k's engine, only done 12000km since change on the gearbox/diff. Can deliver pretty much anywhere in QLD for cost of fuel and a ride to nearest major airport/bus station. If not I can probably get it trucked anywhere else in Aus for a decent rate given enough notice. Spent well over 25K on this car. Weapon to drive, handles like it's on rails till you hit boost then you hold on and hope you know what your doing. I will miss it from the shed but need the money to move. Call, sms, PM, email, whatever suits. 0458 518 436 - datsun180@gmREMOVEail.com
  2. Parting Out S13 Ca18de - $50

    Air con compressor still for sale? Has it been sitting long?
  3. wrecking S13 Onevia lots of parts available.

    Air con compressor still for sale? Has it been sitting long?
  4. 180sx won't crank

    Hmmm interesting, so it would still wind over on the bench, as it had no load...makes sense...now to locate a ca18 starter motor...
  5. 180sx won't crank

    Any auto elec's out there want a 'interesting' problem? Got a 180sx, not starting. Not even trying. Checked all the fuses, and rechecked...new battery, checked that too. 12.56v at the terminal on the starter solenoid. (pulled the motor out and bench tested it 20 mins ago, works fine...) it's doing the whole "turn the key, dash lights die" like it was a dead solenoid. Still doing it. won't even turn over. I'm at my wits end >>; I've cleaned the battery terminals, checked the earth to the chassis... Could a faulty relay cause this? I'm open to any suggestions...
  6. Veilside Recline Race Seats + Rails - $1,500

    Price : $1,500 Condition : Used BUMP
  7. Xtd Lightened Chrome-moly Flywheel New Ca18 - $250

    Price : $250 Condition : New BUMP
  8. Price : $550 Condition : New BUMP
  9. Price : $550 Condition : New BUMP
  10. Xtd Lightened Chrome-moly Flywheel New Ca18 - $250

    Price : $250 Condition : New BUMP
  11. Veilside Recline Race Seats + Rails - $1,500

    Price : $1,500 Condition : Used BUMP
  12. Price : $1,500 Condition : Used Matched set of Genuine VeilSide Reclinable Race seats. No rips/tears. Never fitted, came from a skyline. Has the seat rails fitted. Fully reclinable, JDM as! I'll take offers, worse I can say is no right? Were for a project skyline, but times run away from me... Price: 1800 ono Will sell for less without rails. Will deliver to anywhere from from Townsville/Mackay to Cairns for asking price. Can ship aus wide to your nearest depot fairly cheaply. Will even consider paying half the freight if the right deal can be stuck. PM, post here, SMS, email, whatever suits. 0458518436
  13. Price : $250 Condition : New New in box, Lightened Chrome-moly flywheel to suit CA18 engine. Was going to install in my 180sx once the clutch went but it hasn't and I don't drive much any... NEW IN BOX. Posted AusWide. PM, post, sms, call. All works. 0458 518 436
  14. Price : $550 Condition : New Got a seat of projector style "angel eye" headlights for a 180sx. Its an unusual look so if your looking to stand out in both day and night these are for you. New in Box. All parts/wiring loom/bulbs included. Price includes postage to your door! I paid over 700$ for these. I'm taking reasonable offers. PM, post, sms, call. All works. 0458 518 436 Also have lightened flywheel, 3x sets of Front Struts, LED Type X Tailights and a few other things for sale.
  15. 180sx slider

    no idea, never put it on the dyno to find out...really need to find somewhere in tsv to test it out week after next I have a few days off...should be a interesting graph shape on the read out...