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  1. documentary junkie?

    Lads, I'm chasing a few docos and some Tv series shiz. Anybody keen to load up my hard drive for a box of their choice? Return postage paid.
  2. tax times fun times

    get off your ass and go get one.
  3. tax times fun times

    hard to feel sorry for ya if you paid 30 you earnt a shit tone more then me lol i had so spend 6months working in the outback in 40+ degree heat though for 2 weeks straight at a time so you should feel a little sorry haha That's a dream job, I spend 4 weeks away in the north west (pilbara) and it gets 50+ there. Wish I had a 2weeks on roster.
  4. springvale rd police chase

    That's f**ked, if she had of been going a touch quicker herself or her kids probably would be dead.
  5. things that annoy you

    Choice, it's f**ked. Do i get the TLR1000r, The VTR1000sp1 or a FZ1N...............fuuuuaarrk edit - just bought a 2013 softail breakout. only went $22000 over budget. shiieet
  6. Should I buy this S14

    Who cares what we think, get somebody to inspect it, a friend or racq etc. sounds half honest but he wouldn't know If it's a tired motor etc. do a leak down Just read the add, seems like a good price. If its all in good cond 6k is good
  7. Price : $40 Condition : New clearing out unwanted parts etc- genuine nissan water pump new and unused in box/packaging. paid $80.00 selling for $40
  8. Price : $100 Condition : New have a new unused under car surge tank for sale. paid $120 selling for $50.00 Twin aeroflow bosch 044 bracket. think i paid $60 selling for $30.00 Random fittings and hose $30 the lot x4 -8 black aeroflow hose ends x2 1/8bsp or whatever it is nipple end i took off my fuel reg x1 -6 to metric an fitting i think it is aha x1m of -8 200series hose x3m of -6 200series hose
  9. Price : $180 Condition : New Have a new unused genuine bosch Z32 Air flow meter with tomei plug. both items are new and unused. $180 for both.
  10. things that annoy you

    not being able to slap low ballers in the face when selling something. Also dumb f**k people in general.
  11. ^ tickles blokes asses with a manky beard
  12. Best Brand Air tools

    Have used jbs from blackwoods, my impact gun and sander have lasted 6 years. Not used daily though.
  13. yeah, to many beers. same shit, get a ecu. A nistune ECU = under $1000 a haltech ECU = over $2000 use google, this forum to deside what you want/need
  14. Nistune > haltech if funds permit
  15. tax times fun times

    Just so people are aware, I use To do my tax with itp or h&r block. I can get back more with the free etax program. They are useless. Also every year I claim around 5-9k in deductions from self educated funding/flights/tools etc and have never had a problem and always get my return within 10 days.