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  1. Monthly Megacruise (march)

    I want to be there sooo bad, but I start work at 6am in brissy... so not fair...
  2. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    I have just moved to brissy from the GC. If I am not workin, I might bring the "hovercraft" out. Those who are confused, you will see... Or I might just come in the work truck, but people dont like my truck..........I tow cars that are parked illegally...
  3. Stadium Drift Exhibition QR

    If I am not working, I will be there...
  4. Welcome 2011/Flood Victims Charity Cruise

    Hot Tomato are on board down on the Gold Coast, workin for more in brissy...
  5. has qld effecting gold coast?

    sure, use the big money waster, we will get it all back eventually, just not in one hit like you guys. enjoy it while you can...
  6. Cops roll out the covert cameras

    That is a lot of fancy hardware they place in the hands of the cops. How do we know they aren't lying for our cars and just saying they are speeding? It isnt hard to modify photos these days.
  7. Those are Truck Monitoring Cams. They check how long a truck has been driving, speed by distance, and lighting.

    Spotted a red 180sx Type X yesterday around 3ish at the yatala pub, under ATS workforce (where I was going). I took your spot. Also, yesterday around 10.30, had someone in a white truck recognise me as Genki. Sorry I couldnt remember your name. You were in an Isuzu 200 Pantec.
  9. Official : Gold Coast Monthly Meets

    I might be keen, but u know how I am and crossin into NSW...
  10. The proof is here

    Just watched ACA and they said that Gosford City Council will be banning the mobile speed cameras from the sides of the road. I think we should follow the english towns idea and ban all speed cameras, keep it down to cops with radars. People aren't so worried about them (as in Bev's case), and they would be harder to track, hence the cops think that they are winning. It also saves getting a letter in the mail about something that you had no idea that u were caught...
  11. 3 WORD STORY

    rub one off
  12. Parvinder & Habib

    bit of a lol, only coz of the other bad ones.
  13. funny's

    I lolled at the last one.
  14. viagra

  15. They walk among us

    1st one was real.