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  1. Evo 7 and 8

    Parts aren't cheap compared to silvias. I went from a 180sx to an evo V, best decision I ever made. With a full exhaust, walbro, piping kit, cold air box and intake I walked away from my tuner with 220KWatw running 98RON with a flat 11 afr on 23psi. If your worried about engine performance don't, it easy to make power like this for under $1500. You don't even have to buy an ECU because the stock one is better than most aftermarket ECU's. You can also tune and log yourself if you have a laptop and a cable. The downside to the EVO 7 and 6.5 TME is that some came with a weak connecting rod and rod bolts which has lead to a few in recent time blowing a hole in the side of the block. This can be avoided by not pushing the 7 & 6.5 past 250KWatw which for me would be plenty enough. Just some food for thought
  2. Ok. Ive had first hand experience with this car im his neighbour. Ill test the packs tomorrow and the ICV. We'll take it apart and clean it. I have a spare AFM of unknown condition so we'll try that. I think you might be right with it being coil packs but i think its the ICV as you can hear the stepper motor buzzibg away when the idle drops.
  3. what power can I expect

    forgot to ask. befor I get it tuned would it be a good idea to replace the clutch. it doesn't slip or have any problems now. but with the extra power will it?
  4. Hey all! just a quick one. s13 sr20det. Ive got s15 injectors, DE cams, HKS smic (so im told, its about double the size of standard) 3" dump back, walbro 255 and turbosmart boost tee. I am planning on getting it tuned with a nistune board and running as much boost as the turbo can handle. What do you reckon i'll get at the wheels. I know the turbo will struggle to breathe at high RPM but i'm not gonna rev the crap out of it.
  5. Hey all!! though it would be a good idea to post this link: http://www.premier.vic.gov.au/share-your-ideas/item/root/build-a-drag-strip-in-melbourne.html#content Quick sing up and you can vote. TELL ALL YOUR MATES, FAMILY MEMBERS, EVEN PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!
  6. Just buy a front pipe , not that much. If you can get it with a flex piece in it get it.
  7. frankston area meets?

    I'm up just gimme a time and place and I'll let you know if I can come. I work all funny hours
  8. frankston area meets?

    So any way. Who's up for a drive?
  9. frankston area meets?

    Hey all> I'm hanging to go for a cruise down this way. I've got a few mate who will also come. Just put nizmo suspension in my 180 and wanna hit the twisties. Someone make a time and place. I'm in carrum downs