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  1. HI all, Trying to find my Nissan Silvia that I owned till about August 2009. Unfortunately was involved in a single vehicle accident and ended up being sold to the tow company for the tow and holding fee... Not sure of the Tow company, but the are located in either Coopers Plains or Rocklea and do the towing for the police. They were quite near to another nissan wrecker, think it was A1 Nissan. I think its a 1992 from memory the one with the airplane spoiler. The car also had crystal indicators and flared front guards which made it stand out a little. Always wondered what happened to it. Any help will be much appreciated.
  2. Hello everyone. Actually joined this site to aid my quest for an EGR unit that I need for my s13 silvia before i can get it roadworthied. Does anyone have one lying around or knows a good mechanic around brisbane pref southside that will let it slide till I can find one? Tried Alljaps but they don't have any.