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  1. things that annoy you

    When men started wearing skinny jeans... lol All standards for manly man things have dropped in the past few years If you haven't noticed. Skinny jeans were the go in the 80's.. and that was a pretty rad time
  2. things that annoy you

    i'd include international flights as not having much room. esp jetstar flights quantas is not so bad, perhaps one of the best. asia air is not too bad, good service and probably equal with quantas, but i'd put Malasia airlines equal with jetstar in terms of room on the planes. oh don't get me wrong, i know international flights are bad, but most flights within aus are under 2 hours, not really worthy of bitching about. the qantas a380's are alright for international, i've been lucky and got an empty seat next to me every time. united on the other hand, will never fly with them again. Oh united is so bad for international. I remember last year flying back from LA which is like a 13 - 14 hour flight. I was by myself as I had to fly home a day early. Only one screen in each cabin and it is up the front, the screen was warped, the movies were terrible and my headphone jack was screwed anyway. The seat was tiny, the food was almost inedible. By about the 11 hour mark I was at the stage of a nervous breakdown (you couldnt sleep in these seats). Domestic however, I always use united, they are cheap and pretty good.
  3. Yeh I watched a youtube vid and that seemed to fill in the gaps so all done now, thanks anyway though!
  4. As topic says, just have some statistics that i need to put into a bar graph and factor in the std deviation for each average of each column. I'm pretty bad with excel 2010 especially after they dropped the chart wizard any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. Yo, Spending a few days in Denver in April in the middle of a trip. I'll be by myself and was wondering what was cool to do there. I really want to do a mountain bike tour but it seems that you have to book your own group for this. Any ideas what to do?
  6. Once when I was 16 said I had been stung by a bee.. needless to say that told me not to come back
  7. Kyle Sandilands

    Triple J or Triple M only... the others just play the same bad songs over and over again. Kyle must have been making at least a million a year. The house he was renting, which co-incidently a mate used to live at, was just near my parents house and it was rented out at 20,000 a week. So his rent bill alone was around a million per year!
  8. Kyle Sandilands

    Lol who wants to pull over and stop to discuss being cut off? ummm... i told him to pull over to "discuss" like men He cannot win in this scenario. Obviously you weren't going to pull over and have a discussion on road etiquette. So either you beat him up and he'll be on the news the next day "picking fights he can't win" or he beats up you and he'll slammed as a violent thug not to mention the kind of lawsuit the average citizen will launch on him as a victim of his assault. Although what he did may have been slightly annoying I don't think it requires some kind of gladiator style fight to the death.. you get on with your day..
  9. Coming from a guy who's avatar is of someone who frequently boasted about being drug dependent...
  10. Casino - Who plays and what do you play?

    I used to love the casino had a few big wins aswell as alot of big losses. The biggest win I had was with a couple of mates in Vegas. Playing craps had a mate roll for something like 55 minutes straight without hitting a 7. Won us around $6500 but also won around another $20,000 for the table. Had a massive crowd watching and even had a little song we'd sing before each roll which some of the bystanders started joining in on. Dealer told us in all his time working there (like 20 years or something) he'd only ever seen one longer streak and that was around 1hr 5 mins. Consequently the next night I lost 5 grand
  11. The Pursuit of Charcoal Chicken!

    Bon Pollo in St Leonards, I'm pretty sure it's owned by the same people as El Jannah but alot closer if your from around North Shore
  12. What did you do for your 21st?

    I booked out the function room of a club near my house. While I had an awesome night and was a great party there was a few things that sucked. When booking it you had to pay for food per person attending, regardless of if they wanted to eat or not the law, or the clubs rules, said each person has to have food. $18 p.p x 100 people on the list $1800 and considering I didnt have one bite to eat seem a bit of a waste. Also the place wouldnt let me use the yard glass that was bought for me by some mates which was a bit of a downer to just down a single beer instead. Including bar tab, security etc. the whole night cost around $5000 so it does add up however I still wouldnt change it if I had the oppotunity now, it's a great memory.
  13. Parklife quicky

    Um im 99% sure they just look at the ticket and look at the ID and make the comparison, although I'm usually half cut by the time I get there so there is a small chance I could be wrong. Im pretty sure the barcode reader just scans the ticket and opens the gate for you. In fact I'd almost say definately but I don't wanna be the one to blame just in case I'm wrong..
  14. Parklife quicky

    This will be my 5th parklife in Sydney and they have checked my ID against my ticket like the last 3 years. In saying that one year I had another ticket for a mate and he just toild them at the gate and they were sweet. The main reason they would want the ticket owner there is because these tickets can be just printed off your email. So if you got a hold of someone elses and they let you in, then the actual owner of the ticket would have an issue getting in. Then they could show their ID at the door and say it is not possible anyone else could have used my ticket as who else could match my details, then they gotta let both people in.
  15. NERO - Welcome Reality

    I think its when people only listen to music around Christmas time...