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  1. Rollcage fab Brisbane/Gold Coast

    https://www.facebook.com/allperformance.garage/media_set?set=a.344674678983110.1073741825.100003217438625&type=3 Michael at All Performance Garage. He's constantly under the pump with Fabrication these days because he is a genius with a welder.
  2. Price : $1,200 Condition : Good I have a Full set of Silkroad (Section) RM-A8 Coilovers to suit S15 (I believe S14 is the same). These are Very very good coil overs, purchased through Jesse Streeter a couple of years ago as my HKS Hipermax Coil overs were bent in an accident. I have found that these coil overs are fantastic for Drift, but not as great for Track work (I felt that they were too stiff, also limited travel) - this comparing to the HKS items which were fantastic for Track work. Over Stock they are of course a HUGE improvement, they also ride pretty smooth compared to some other brands. I believe the Spring Rates are 8/7, Camber adjustable top and Bottom for Fronts, height adjustment from both base and spring perch, dampener adjustment as well. Coil overs are still on the car, will remove based on Expressions of Interest. Prefer Pick up only, C-Spanners will be sold along with the Coil overs

    ^^ Well done today Jase, car looked good out there, what kind of times were you running? Gees there were some close calls for the other guys!

    I keep forgetting I own an S15.... hasn't seen daylight for a few weeks now. Some shitty exhaust rattle happening somewhere and I just can't be fussed getting under the car to look for it. I think a good ole flogging at a Friday night Drift session is in order though

    New toy joins the family Little E30 with stroked M20 motor
  6. yeah, already purchased lol. Shame my car is still sporting Drift Damage :|
  7. After seeing the car IRL and watching you over take me at Karrousel I can tell you have a well setup car. Great stuff, sure to do well in racing.
  8. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Looks like she's ready to come out to Lakeside this Saturday for some real Track Exposure You can even borrow my semi slicks if you want LOL

    Very sad man, you had a good thing going with that car. I managed to get my car running again after blowing a starter motor due to a short in the wiring which kept the starter motor going for about 2 minutes. Then yesterday driving it she decided to drop a spark plug for a few seconds, guess they are on their way out. But she looks good with the new wheels at least

    18x9.5+15 & Nitto NT05 in 235/40/18 I'm bringing her back to life!!!! Now to buy a Reinhard Muffler
  11. BEER!

    Bavarian Bier Cafe - 1 stein will accomplish what 10 aussie beers can not. That is a) taste good get you drunk and c) provide many lol's with mates whilst clanking glasses and trying to sing in German. That whole area on the river there is pretty decent on a Friday evening, even me a Gold Coaster, makes the trip up to hang out there lol. My 2nd fave would have to be the Belgian Beer Cafe, but primarily because I love my Belgian beers and the food there is great (pot of mussels Belgian style). Anyways I think the best places to be are City/ Valley for Friday/ Sat nights unless you want just a few at your local
  12. {BNE} school formal hire or lift ?

    I like how he said Average Limo... Silvias are average at best LOL Limos are awesome. Agree with above, go like a stretch hummer or something less chance of getting defected on the way LMAO
  13. what is your latest purchase?

    Time for Oktoberfest
  14. S13 Silvia Race Car. 2015 season finished.

    Basically every track event I went to I would blow that bloody gasket (all Nissan Genuine) regardless of new locking tabs, different lock nuts, new studs, machining flange etc. etc. In the end I went with an Aftermarket 5 layer gasket, I had new longer Studs tacked to the manifold and the Nuts tacked to the studs, no problems now after 4 or 5 Drift nights . I was one step away from Welding the bloody turbo to the manifold LOL. To be honest I think a lot of it has to do with the Exhaust system and how much it moves/ causes the turbo to vibrate. At one point I had a Flexi pipe welded to the front pipe and that worked, but then I went back to normal piping because the flexi was too low and a hole scraped through it, it was back to blowing gaskets
  15. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    Good work mate, watched the whole thing Next time wipe the camera down more often LOL