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  1. WTB S13 Sivlia Vented bonnet

    I got a damaged vented bonnet lying around mate. Only has a few cracks in it l. Sms me if your interested on 0400205794
  2. Silvia garage sale

    Hey guys I have some random stuff lying around that I need to get rid of x2 afm - $40 each s15 det manual ecu - $120 s15 airbag (not deployed) - $50 s15 stock intake manifold - $50 sr20 waterneck - $20 s15 fuel rail (no reg) - $30 s15 knock sensor with harness - $50 s15 injector plugs + loom - $50 s13 fan shroud - $50 s15 stock headunit (no loom) - $50 Located in bella vista can be contacted via sms on 0400205794 Andy
  3. Silvia garage sale

    yeah i do but its no good.
  4. some people work mate. no weekdays for me
  5. WTB: 180sx/S13 Power Steering Pump 2WS

    cheers bro haha you hear my gate?? =]
  6. WTB: 180sx/S13 Power Steering Pump 2WS

    nw i got mine sorted last night WOOP $50 for pwr steering pump nearly ran up a gutter this morning cause i got used to putting in 100% effort into steering.
  7. P plate restrictions turbo 180sx

    wouldn risk it matey. even if you do find a way to drive the 180 on yours greens you will be getting pulled over left right and center. keeping in my that p platers aren't allowed to have ANY modifications. so unless you can afford the fines and defects i'd say option a - track it option b - sell it and buy a stock turbo s chassis option c - track it and buy a stock turbo s chassis
  8. WTB: 180sx/S13 Power Steering Pump 2WS

    make that 2 of us group buy discounts??
  9. 8pm Olympic Blvd you say? Could always make the meet time 9:30pm, and you and Andy could join me for a gym session at the State Sports Center down the road, 7:30-9:30pm, like a boss. Only costs 20 bucks entry. would be keen but got work/cbf driving out there on a wednesday night naameeaaan?
  10. Sydney meet/cruise soon?

    reserve off cowpasture road has bbq's fairly big carpark and heaps of room to chuck around a footy or let your dogs run around.
  11. Sydney meet/cruise soon?

    i thought your fave meet spot was norwest carwash man. seen you chilling there last night and the night before with some guy in a blue lexus....
  12. Hey guys as title states looking to upgrade from n/a sr brakes. currently have the larger rotors and pads just need the calipers to chuck it all on. sms me anytime on 0400205795 as I rarely am on the forum cheers, Andy
  13. Sydney meet/cruise soon?

    Im sure the pain of having brick headlights wont be just with me but your a certified mechanic bro couldn you just fix that shiznit with your skills yo?
  14. Sydney meet/cruise soon?

    probably going to take out a few cars this weekend if the weather is good
  15. s13 standard rear caliper

    hey guys after a passenger rear caliper for s13. please send me an sms as i am rarely on the forum. sms 0400205794 anytime Cheers Andy
  16. NS.Com NSW Hook-Ups

    anyone got tyre hookups?
  17. whats the power rating for the gearset i couldn't understand the website.
  18. NS.Com NSW Hook-Ups

    looks like some one is trying to score a root good luck with it mate ROOOOOOOTT
  19. Let's Cruise Betches - Friday, 28th March 2014

    Yeah drive home was intense 3rd 4th and 5th wheelspinning....not cool. Was fun at the same time though haha. Weather today is perfect I rkn do a day cruise next time enjoy the sun while its out
  20. Let's Cruise Betches - Friday, 28th March 2014

    fark thanks for reminding me lol gotta top that mofkr up
  21. Let's Cruise Betches - Friday, 28th March 2014

    will fill up on my way. prbli be there around 9:15ish