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  1. Oil dipstick

    Thanks for the reply mate! I gave Mitsi a buzz they said it was just small amounts of the old oil and should disappear when it mixes with the new oil over a couple 100km. Figure I just enjoy it for now and see what happens. This is all I could find left today, they seem to be slowly disappearing.
  2. Oil dipstick

    Hi everyone. New to the forum. Have an evo x with 25000km on the clock. No mods. Was checking the dipstick today (about 20km after a service ) and noted some black shaving like things on the bottom of the dipstick. When i rub them between my fingers they just disappear and doesn't feel gritty. Im not sure whether they are carbon deposits or whatever. The rest of the oil looks clean and golden (like new oil). This seems to be only there when thr engine is cold. Is this a normal thing? Does the oil need to be flushed? The oil was serviced 5000km before this service and the oil was pretty dark when changed. Any help would be awesome!
  3. JAP Spec R Aero S15 for sale

    will consider swapping for v35 350gt (coupe), accord euro, liberty GT, XR6 turbo, 350z. I dont mind giving some cash up for the right car. But the swap has to be automatic
  4. JAP Spec R Aero S15 for sale

    bump. i am back so please sms or call
  5. JAP Spec R Aero S15 for sale

    i will be overseas for next week so please pm me instead of sms until next sunday cheers
  6. JAP Spec R Aero S15 for sale

    Shit sorry guys i just coppied my carsales ad, didnt realise i missed so much stuff 161,000km - its currently garraged $14,500 price DROP
  7. JAP Spec R Aero S15 for sale

    Thanks mate! kept it clean!
  8. JAP Spec R Aero S15 for sale

    sorry about the late reply people Price : $15900 ONO Will consider swapping for a automatic liberty GT or 3.0R. Basically need some cash +/- a 4 door automatic (life is changing lol)
  9. Original JAP Spec R Aero S15 - $14,500 ONO or SWAPs Full service history and papers since importation Serviced every 5,000km using high quality oils 161,000 km Stock body and Interior in excellent condition Paint work looks almost new Interior looks almost new Car is regularly washed and waxed and always parked in garage Full stock options including climate control, stock aero bodykit Tastefully modded: Power FC High performance fuel pump Splitfire injectors Front mount intercooler Hybrid K&N panel intake Full 3" turbo back exhaust system X Force Muffler (legal Complete sound system professionally installed Split speaker system in front doors 6x9 speakers in parcel self 10" JBL sub in boot JVC MP3/WMA head unit Heavy duty sports clutch Remapped and tuned by Morpowa for safe street tune 194rwkw on safe tune Recent full service less than 200kms ago including synthetic oil, filter, petrol filter, spark plugs and full coolant system flush and change. If you are after a car that has always been very well looked after, has full stock options, doesn't get unwanted attention, has full books then this is the car for you. No Tyre kickers, test pilots or wannabees. Price is negotiable ph: 0418351846 Car is also advertised of GT and carsales! sorry about the late reply people Price : $15900 ONO Will consider swapping for a automatic liberty GT or 3.0R. Basically need some cash +/- a 4 door automatic (life is changing lol)
  10. oil leak

    Goin to give it a wash today..will let u know mate thanks for the help guys
  11. oil leak

    yeh was goin to do that this weekend..the oil is black..literally black (same as PS oil) just wanted to know if this was a common s15 issue cos most s15s iv looked at has some oil on the front oh and also i was considering taking the PS belt off to see if the noise if from the PS pump - stupid idea ?? thanks all for the help
  12. ca18det t28bb what power?

    oh crap didnt realise it was unigroup...my bad
  13. Buying an s14

    yeh i know....couldnt be bothered telling him to search...so put in my 10 cents worth
  14. ca18det t28bb what power?

    yeh that is more like it... even if you get a dyno sheet it will probably be a happy dyno