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  1. Try these guys http://www.independantbattery.com.au/contact/index.html Good retail pricing (and range / advice etc). I'm sure someone on here will have some contacts to get a good deal, but if you need to just go and buy one its a good place to start
  2. Yeah driven installed a new clutch for him so they'd have the full story, good workshop. Nice to see the carsales ad had "brand new extreme HD clutch" listed, especially since it was installed by the bloke who bought it not long after he received it.
  3. Gday guys. Just a quick heads up if anybody's in the market for an evo. A mate of mine bought a silver 7 recently, after some issues he did some digging and found the odometer had been wound back by 75,000ks. It was returned to the dealer who refunded the cost, but its since been re-listed on carsales with the lower Kms displayed. Copy of facebook post below. Not trying to imply who / where the blame should go as it could have happened at a few points during the process. My friend got the majority of his money back (a bit out of pocket, but still had the car for a bit). If anyone's shopping around at the moment, i'd suggest avoiding that car. Edit: listing appears to have been taken down on carsales. You can still see photo and brief description
  4. 2001 Mitsubishi Magna

    2001 TJ mitsubishi Magna Solara ,its been in the family since new and only selling due to buying a new car. Very reliable and cheap to run and maintain, Especially for a V6 that comfortably seats 5 adults. A great daily. Good condition mechanically with only 161,000 kms on it. All Scheduled maintenance taken care of. Has new front brake pads and rotors (installed october 2013) and new rear rotors (not yet installed) included with the car. Has had a new battery (April 2014) and a new radiator + thermostat installed in the last few years. All factory recalls have been completed. Body has some surface scratches and minor dents as it spent a bit of time parked in a shopping centre due to work, but nothing excessive for a 12 year old car, no major accidents. Clear coat on the roof is worn out but it's purely cosmetic and no signs of rust etc. Comes with all the Solara goodies including trip computer, power windows, mirrors and antenna, alloy wheels and factory towbar. Has a pioneer head unit with pioneer 6" front and 6x9" rear speakers, aftermarket Cyclops alarm/immobiliser fitted. Cup holders have a square top which holds iced coffee cartons, which is pretty handy. Price is a bit lower than usual for a lower Km Solara as i have taken the faded clearcoat on the roof into account. Would easily be one of the most powerful/reliable cars in its price range. Needs a new driver's seatbelt due to fraying, I will have this done prior to sale or knock $200 off the price to cover this if sold before i get around to it so buyer can get it done. After $3200 $2900 (negotiable) Reg is WPA-994, located Marion SA. Registered until end of june. Please PM for contact details
  5. Item: Ninja 300 Frame sliders (genuine kawasaki) Description: Brand new frame sliders + installation kit in box. Got them to put on my bike but didnt get around to it and will be upgrading to a larger bike soon. Full details and photos are here. http://www.kawasaki....umber=999940355 Price: $200 ONO (retail for $309 in stores, open to any offers) Location: Marion SA Willing to post?: pickup preferable. Contact: Please PM me on this site and i will provide details. Also have a 'double bubble' (larger height) windscreen in new condition to fit same bike if anyone's keen
  6. car impound

    He can only have a car crushed if he's been found guilty by the courts of at least two other impoundable offences in the last few years, even then its a court order to crush them. All the ones that have been crushed or taken away so far have had like 5+ offences (mainly driving disqualified and drink driving)
  7. i'd suggest finding a good local workshop for turbo/imports. The mobile ones are convienient and fine if youre buying a commodore, but best to have somebody who knows the cars have it on a hoist, even if it is a bit more hassle. What area is it in?
  8. Car crushing to resume in SA

    yeah, 0 limit is for P platers or people with conditions, 05 for everyone else. a P plater over 0 is just a fine. .05 - .08 is an on the spot fine the first time, court the next. 0.08 to.0.15 is court, 6 months of no licence and an impounded car. 0.15 and over is an impound and a year without a licence. A few of those and it can get seized. gotta admit I dont have much sympathy for drunk or disqualified drivers losing their cars...
  9. Car crushing to resume in SA

    has to be over 0.08 or more to get impounded, and multiple .08+ convictions to get the car seized.
  10. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    Hopefully they do something about the big spoon drain on the rose tce side. Was embarrassing seeing all the better cars almost come to a complete stop to avoid tearing their bumpers off on a dip
  11. No Speed Camera Party for SA

    the fines would be so high if there wasnt so much money wasted... exactly. More efficient spending so no need for crazy high fines. If i got a $50 speeding fine i'd be annoyed and be more careful. a $400 fine isnt going to have a greater effect, it just compensates for poor spending choices. i dont think removing red light cameras etc is a great idea, but lowering fines is
  12. No Speed Camera Party for SA

    Increased education could be covered by what would effectively be another fine system, meaning it's mandatory to attend at the offender's expense, much as EPA tests and getting defects cleared is at the victims expense. The court changes would simply mean that cops wouldn't hang bullsh*t charges/fines on people that cannot be substanciated; they would stick to legit ones that will fly in court. I know people who have been screwed by police with false penalties and altered stories, and others who took bs fines to court only to have the officer fail to attend, winning by default but still losing money for time off work, etc. The issue with the current system is that there is a distinct guilty-until-proven-innocent attitude when police are giving statements, and any system that doesn't have to foot much of the defendant's bill has no reason not to fine people arbitrarily. Agree on the education side of it as a penalty. Hard to do as part of the learners permit since its a big cost barrier for people to get a licence, but not a bad idea. Issue with the court thing is cost. anyone can contest a fine, but court costs would be more then the fine itself in a lot of cases. especially the 'after hours' court idea. Current fines give you the option to just wear it or contest, if it was more court based everybodys (including the govts) costs would be waaay higher, more taxes to cover it.... Leaving it as-is with more 'realistic' penalties would be better ($400 for 10ks over!? seriously?) maybe halving the current fines, but doubling them for repeat offenders?
  13. No Speed Camera Party for SA

    some valid points and ideas, but not particularly financially realistic. I'm all for lowering fines and increasing cautions etc. But the proposed changes to court/police systems and increased education make it fairly impractical for a lot of the points made to be implemented.
  14. Yep. sure. the corrupt south australian dictatorship have bankrupted the state by installing speed cameras and have unconstitutionally proposed it should be a specific offence to kill somebody by dangerous driving on private land... Even though acts engangering life is already an offence, making it car specific is unconstitutional... Not specifically, but totally goes against the vibe right? Anyway. I've made my point in relation to the actual topic. As much as i enjoy the paranoid and uninformed responses i'm gonna stop posting in this one to avoid an argument. You dont know anything about the constitution. You dont know how the economy works and definately have a different definition of a 'corrupt dictatorship' to most people. I'm just gonna chill as this 'new world order' business you keep mentioning happens k?