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  1. FS shed clean up

    Gtr diff. Bought for a project but have gone 2 way. $550 inc freight. Very tight and in great condition. Gtr fuel pump, excellent condition $60 posted Sard adjustable fuel reg $70 posted Apexi pressure sensor for avcr. Plug has been cut off. $50 posted Gktech solid steering spacer $25 posted Precision 3 in v band and clamp $120 posted
  2. Precision 6262

    Wanting to Sell Precision 6262 Anti Surge Front T3 0.63 V-band rear housing Purchased for a project but I will never get around to using it. Will include braided oil feed and return lines for high mount set up Paid $1200 Asking $1050 inc postage 0419 856 391 for pics or info Located Alice Springs NT
  3. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    Flick me some details about the diff bud
  4. SOLD - FREE - S15 Stock Sway Bars (Front & Rear)

    How much for just the rear and will you freight?
  5. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    Do you have rear subframe?
  6. RB26dett 180sx Build

    Finally managed to make it to a drag meet yesterday, although it was nearly 40c outside, I managed a best time of 13.6 @ 113mph with a 2.4 60ft. Very tired street tyres didn't help an the fact I didn't touch the rear coil overs so thy were pretty hard as well. I'll head back next year. The mph confirms power to be 258rwkw which isn't bad for bolt-ons and a light tune. With better tyres and suspension tweaks, 12's down the quarter are easily achievable. More 1/4 mile runs of practice to come.
  7. GT3076r 0.82 T3

    All sold please delete
  8. GT3076r 0.82 T3

    Turbo sold Wastegate still available
  9. RB26dett 180sx Build

    Passed TAC (technical advisory committee) inspection and passed roadworthy. All registered for under $150 worth of inspections.
  10. Handbrake light issue

    Found the problem. On the circuit there is a second brk section. Pinched a globe and holder out of a spare dash cluster and hey presto, problem fixed. Hopefully the images come up ok cause I'm posting from mobile.
  11. Handbrake light issue

    My understanding of how it works is power is supplied from the board on one side of the globe, then the power is transferred through the globe then through the circuit board to the socket. That wire from the socket travels to the handbrake switch. The globe is lit when handbrake is pulled and earths the switch to complete the circuit?
  12. Handbrake light issue

    Same location on both clusters, hence why I traced the circuit board to check the wiring. The new cluster is out of a newer model as far as I can gather (has hicas light etc). But I didn't think that should matter. Mine was a SR cluster before the swap anyway.
  13. GT3076r 0.82 T3

    Selling garrett GT3076r (3037s) 56T with ar 0.82 T3 4 bolt rear housing. Has only done dyno time and is in new condition. Chasing $1350 Posted Tial 44mm Wastegate. $300 Posted. Located Alice Springs NT 0870 0419 856 391 For pics
  14. Handbrake light issue

    Turbo timer was working perfectly, alarm was installed but ignition trigger was run off handbrake wire so alarm could be armed while timer ran down. There is no power at the socket for the handbrake regardless of position. No power at the wire on the socket that plugs into the dash either. I jumped power (fused of course) to the alarm ign trigger and turbo timer stopped. Dash cluster went in at time of engine conversion. However, no dash wiring ect was disrupted or cut. So your suggestion is to check handbrake for side to side movement? Just seems odd that I have power an one side of the globe in my cluster but not on the circuit board on the side leading up to the plug. Should I tap a 12v fuse power source to the wire running out of the plug? Maybe 10amp mini blade fuse? I am so lost and just need a wiring diagram so I can see where I can check for breaks in the circuit. I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to test wires and look for breaks and it's driving me insane.
  15. Handbrake light issue

    Pulled cluster out and I have power on one side of the globe, yet when I put the test light on the plug side the light comes on but no power after ther globe. Is this normal? Someone must know how all this works.