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  1. SR Parts!

    Hey, Are you able to get the leather gear surround for S15?
  2. ME Vs Police

    Exactly Just before Christmas last year I was parked in a carpark and I found a defect notice under my windscreen wiper. It was for a chip in my windscreen (which was no bigger than a 20c piece).... Furthermore it could only be inspected at the motor registry, for a crack in the windscreen. I had already lodged a claim with AAMI to get it replaced and it was booked in to be done later that week. Called them up and explained the situation, the lady then told me "because of the type of vehicle you drive you will have to have full inspection done regardless" Fair much...........?
  3. ME Vs Police

    Unfortunately its all part of owning an import. This is the image all the dropkicks out there have created for us. Its not fair, but its the way it is and there really isnt anything we can do about it.
  4. Time for new tyres

    I just called them what do you think? Kumho Ku31 225/45r17 $130 and 235/45r17 $150 ?? Sounds about right. A mate of mine bought a set from them recently for $650 225/40R18 front and 255/35R18 rear.
  5. Time for new tyres

    Kumho Ecsta KU31s are good bang for buck. Tempe usually sell em pretty cheap too
  6. S15 wiiiiddddeeee

    Saw this at NewGel when it was getting done and then at Erindale yesterday arvo. Looks the biz man. Nice work
  7. Car Insurance (S15)

    I've paid $1351 a year for full comp with AAMI since I was 18 with my ADM S15 and they cover all my mods too
  8. 100k service

    I had ALL fluids, filters, plugs changed, and a full check on the whole car. Cost me about $700 I think, mind you most of it was parts...
  9. waht wheels and tyres for S15?

    XT7s! 18x8.5 + 32 front, 18x9.5 + 38 rear. Sits real flush and looks the biz. The sticker on them even glows in the dark =)
  10. S15 window tint aerial interference

    I couldnt be f**ked going anywhere else so I told them to do it anyway, turns out it didnt make a difference to the radio signal at all.....
  11. So getting the windows of my S15 tinted today (20% all round) and the shop told me that the tint is metalic so it may interfere with the radio as the antenna is actually inside the rear window. Surely someone on here has done this already, just wanna know how bad it interferes, if at all. Really dont wanna go with the 35%... Cheers
  12. Police utes, why?

    I saw an unmarked 335i light up like a christmas tree in tuggers last week... Couldnt believe it.....
  13. ECU's for 200rwkw

    Hi, Sorry if this has been covered before. Just wanna know if its worth spending the extra $$$ on a Power FC over a piggy back ECU such as a Trust e manage if all im after is around 200rwkw on an S15 with all the usual supporting mods. Really just wanna know what more the Power FC would give me keeping in mind i dont intend to take it any further than the 200rwkw mark. Cheers
  14. Is this fixable?

    Ouch, that looks familiar. A mate of mine did very similar damage to his about a year ago and unless you do most of the work yourself and manage to find cheap used parts, I guarantee you $3500 is nowhere near enough to get it repaired
  15. Ok, I drove over a rock lastnight in my S15 and it got caught on the exhaust and crushed the pipe near the dump, the whole cat and the midpipe near the flange to the cat. Here are the photos of the 3 places that got damaged. Is it repairable, if so how? Would I be better off buying new sections of the exhaust? How should I go about this..... Thanks guys