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  1. Guitar stuff

    I chucked up a cover of one of my fav songs 'ain't it fun', (which is a cover as well) on soundcloud. Pretty happy with the guitar tone, it's a $350 valvetone 10w head, straight in with a Shure 57. Excuse my shitty drumming and vox lol. Been back into it a fair bit lately, after blowing my tax cheque on some more gear to record with. http://m.soundcloud.com/andreas-murphy/aint-it-fun-guns-n-roses-the
  2. Guitar stuff

    Looks amazeballs. Is that the one you've been making?I just bought a modern player thinline deluxe tele. P90s rock. Best piece of shit cheap guitar I've ever played! Anyone heard Valvetone amps? I'm gonna pick up one of his 15watt el84 powered heads. Im in love. Sooo cheap for world class point to point valvey goodness.
  3. All sorted...sort of. A legend from here gave me a hand today. Thank mate! My timing was at 10 degrees!? Does anyone know why my tps needs to be set at .28 volts to show 'TPS closed'?
  4. I've had a problem with a low rev/light throttle misfire and so far have checked vac leaks and changed AFM and fuel pump to no avail. If anyone around the northern suburbs has a consult cable and software I'd happily buy them a six pack or whatever you think is fair to plug it in and see what my TPS/Timing etc are doing. Let me know on 0409 069 251 or PM. Cheers!
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has had this one The last Silvia I had was pretty quiet inside, but had this annoying rattle that sounded like it was coming from the door trim or ecu kick panel. Sounded a lot like a thick piece of cable or something hitting the metal somewhere on the body. During various stages of stereo install or swapping ecus I looked for it and found/fixed a few potential culprits, none of which changed anything. I sold the car recently and got a 180sx that was sooo much quieter inside...there was much rejoicing. But a couple of weeks ago it started. THE SAME FREAKING NOISE is now apparent. Seeing as this is probably not entirely coincedental I figured it may be common, and surely some of the more OCD affected members out there have found a magic remedy? Here's hoping...
  6. I had a trust PE2 I'm pretty sure it was on one of my old Silvia's. The sound was amazing and not overly loud or droney at all. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for one for my current car, or pretty keen to try the hks silent power too. As mentioned previously, a good mid muffler helps heaps with these. Although I've never used one on an sr turbo, I had a dynamax vt muffler on my last car which had a sr20de and it worked pretty well...didn't have that obnoxious loud fartyness that exhausted NA's usually do, even with the valve open at higher revs

    Spotted a sweet S13 with Aero and R33 GTR rims at Elizabeth a while back. Dark blue I think. Looked pretty sweet
  8. n/a TALK <<

    ^^^ or NO DOSE lol I'm back in a DET now...Can't say I miss the lack of power. The car itself was sweet though If anyone is looking for some Extractors I have a sweet set for sale
  9. Fortune 500 Coilovers

    They sound pretty cool...but I was fairly dissapointed when I clicked the eBay link and saw some pictures. Why do all these brands have to make a point of using the most out there f**king colors?! I don't want fluro coilovers ffs
  10. New Torana

    Looks a lot like a 1 series Beemer from the side. i.e. disappointingly shit
  11. Price : $400 Condition : Used I have a set of XHP Chrome 17's that came with the car I just bought, with pretty much brand new 225/45/17 tyres. Not sure on the wheel sizes, but I think they're around 17x7 +35-40 mark. Suit Silvia and any other 4x114.3 cars Looking for $400 or best offer Dre 0409 069 251 or PM. Located northern suburbs
  12. Price : $200 Condition : Used Hey guys, looking for a set of Cheap stock rims for my 180SX...SR type please. Or any other wheels under $700 that don't look gay...but prefer stockies. Can be with or without tyres if priced accordingly Cheers 0409 069 251
  13. Car is now sold making it's way to a new home in Melbourne right now.
  14. lube it up son! They just slide on/off, but some oil helps