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  1. Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally Under Threat by Council!

    as a competitor, the thought of coming up on a slow moving 'protester' in stage scares the shit out of me. Finding a slow moving competition car is hazard enough! If they wanna protest then by all means do, but please dont put crews lives in even more danger/
  2. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    went out off marino rocks in the boat sunday night. got 4 squid and about half a dozen snapper all around 30- 37cm :-( , 5 doggys, one flathead bout 40cm........people have been getting YFW sparaticaly at tennyson also.
  3. All Japan Day 2011

    Yeah do it, that would be awesome! Not bringing a Mitsubishi down too? PM me, we can come to some kind of arrangement... not unless i bring the RS on a trailer (it has a flat bum courtesY of a tree during AHTR)
  4. All Japan Day 2011

    datsun dusted. entry in.
  5. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    just letting you all know there are nice buckets full of yellowfin whiting every night latley on metro beaches north and south from the tennyson area
  6. All Japan Day 2011

    dusting off the GL as we speak........
  7. clem smith autos fire

    yeah hope it wasn't them!!!!
  8. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    Live beach worms from brighton tackle, tiny little gutter next to a massive huge gutter, 1 single little split shot for extra casting weight and just after the slack tide into a dropping tide. Perfect plan of attack = my PB YFW at 34cm big fat bastard too All caught about 3m in front of where I was standing Caught and released another 2 that were under size and lost a couple at my feet nice work mate
  9. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    a crew cleaned up last night at our yfw spot josh. they have had no luck for a few weeks till lastnight....... thur is looking good but tidal movements are average
  10. 6 and 9 month rego renewal being axed next year

    dam! no sticker.......its usually the second photo people take of datto when they see it
  11. Bay to Birdwood run

    on that last point they are actually going to cut off the date on the classic section in the next year or so to prevent to many 1980 onwards vehicles being eligible.
  12. Bay to Birdwood run

    are you serious???
  13. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    massive tide tonight so thinking bout straight after work........just a bit to windy maybe
  14. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    between west lakes shore and largs bay