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  1. Hey all, Just got myself an S13 and pretty happy with it thus far. But I've noticed a problem with my 3rd gear, when I try and quick shift into 3rd from 2nd as I've done in my previous cars, it crunches in even though I've depressed the clutch to the bottom. When i shift it slowly, there is no problem at all. From 4th to 3rd it doesn't happen as often as 2nd to 3rd I can live with slow changing it into 3rd gear, but as I'm looking to track my car in the near future this definitely needs to be looked at. So am I correct in assuming its a synchro issue? How much would it cost to repair/recondition? Cheers
  2. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted yellow S15 on parramatta road last night with bronze XD9's
  3. Quick / Short joke thread

    What's slimy cold long and smells like pork? Kermit the frogs finger what is the difference between acne and a catholic priest? Acne usually comes on a boys face after he turns 12 A New Zealander walking along the road with a sheep under each arm. He meets another New Zealander who says "you sheerin' mate?" and the first guy replies "naw, they're all mine"
  4. Epic car fail thread

    Can't believe people roll around in these cars willingly..
  5. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted multi coloured sileighty on north rocks road last night didn't catch number plate since it was dark
  6. Hey guys, The pulley on my power steering pump came off on the weekend, the pump is still in place and no signs of why it came off so suddenly. Got a replacement pump and looking to install it over the coming long weekend. Just wanted to know whether this is something that's common with the power steering pumps on the blacktop engine? Also when removing/installing the pump any recommendations of things to check like the hoses? Cheers
  7. the belt came off when the pulley popped off, so got another belt already. Yeh I'm going to check the hoses when i get a chance, if they're cracked/brittle, where's the best place to get new ones?
  8. NSW Spotted Thread

    lol where did you see me? (I drive ON38TY). I was all over the place driving my Mrs around for her birthday. I don't remember seeing a blue autec lol
  9. NSW Spotted Thread

    lol thats me.. what car were you in? you would've noticed my busted headlight lol
  10. Synchro issue?

    Will i need to get an s13 specific gearbox? Or could I use a gearbox from a 180 or s14? Also will I be able to use a gearbox from a ca18de since my car is an sr20de? would i be able to use a 't' gearbox on my n/a?