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  1. Just a link to my 350z for sale. It's a black, manual repairable write off with around 60,xxx km. Has front damage, as I bought it to fix it up and have a cheap 350z to run around in. Now I'm getting posted interstate and have no room to take it with me. Want it gone. Ph: 0432 086 811 http://classifieds.hardtuned.net/index.php?t=2142881&view=advert
  2. Flare rear guards

    Contact my mate at Fat Fitment. He'll come to you and do an excellent job. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fat-Fitment/161023777311948?sk=info
  3. Because it was a halfway offer, pretty much if i accepted it meant I was happy with it, so I turned it down and am ditching the workshop. A lot of other mates that are regulars there are ditching it too so they're going to pay by loosing a lot of business. i don't have time to deal with them and insurance as I am leaving in 3 days
  4. Thanks for the input guys, unfortunately now the situation is I am going interstate then overseas so no longer going through insurance, they came back with a half way offer that I turned down due to this, going to go about fixing it myself in time. Thanks for the discussion and hints.
  5. An unnamed workshop that is quite prevalent in the Brisbane area has been working on my car the last few years. There have been a few small problems in the past but nothing that hasn't been dealt with in one way or another. However this time I picked up my car, was parked out the front job was complete said the car was good to go. I didn't have time to check everything and was only a very small job that got done so I got in the car and drove off. Once I past approximately 60kmph my bonnet flew open. It smashed my windscreen, bonnet is ruined and I have a substantial dent in my roof now. I brought it back to them and they said that it was not there responsibility or fault, that I should have checked over it before I left. To my understanding if I take my car to a tyre place and drive off and my wheels fall of because they didn't do them up, it's their fault. I'm not a qualified mechanic so am I responsible to double check all their work. Make sure the sump plug is in and the car has oil and the timing is correct everytime I pick it up? I believe they should check that the job is totally complete before handing it over back to me. They said they're not going to be out of pocket for it and their insurance won't cover it, that I need to pay for it all. What are my legal rights to have them pay and what are their legal obligations of responsibility. I don't want to shit on them, but I don't have money to spend on that and they've left me without a choice for it. Has anyone had this or similar issues before, what have they done and what can/should I do?
  6. NITTO S15

    Thanks, For some reason everything I'm trying is still not pushing me past the 250kw mark which is a bit annoying, want to get the most out of my engine so it does stop brewing and finally cook into something mean lol
  7. NITTO S15

    Thanks mate, yeh i think they look great, It does say 10.5 but after measuring them they're actually 11 on the rear.
  8. S15 Interior Mods

    Keep how it is, looks real nice. If anything, maybe a few carbon accents like the stereo surround. Just try to keep it pretty hidden, flush and clean whatever you put in it IMO. All the best
  9. Issues with putting in any timing.

    Checked cam timing and it was fine, I don't know the comp off the top of my head but checked it recently too and it was even across all 4. It's left me dumbfounded as to why it's happening. Any workshops in QLD that want to have a look at it that have put out some excellent SR's? Sam i'm agreeing with you too, I'm reluctant, but I need a second opinion to ease my mind.
  10. So my car is having issues with putting in timing. When more timing starts getting put in, its starts to ping, hence now only making 250kw with my set-up which is quite disappointing. It is getting taken into East Coast Customs again this monday for a while for them to try and work some magic on, but any input I'd be grateful for. Here's a link to my build so you can have a look what's done without me having to explain it all here. Even with the new complete Tomei turbo side installed it still is having the same problem. If anyone has had this issue before or has some first hand knowledge on what some possibilities of this problem could be then I would love to discuss it and hopefully share some ideas and there's a lot of knowledge out there. Cheers guys Build Link - http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=471083&hl=&fromsearch=1
  11. Metal Fabricators

    Cheers mate
  12. Metal Fabricators

    Ended up doing it myself in the end.
  13. Metal Fabricators

    Well just done it today myself, actually turned out all right. But i'm sure i could find something for you to do
  14. Metal Fabricators

    Nah i'll take my car to them, I just want a real good job done. All good mate
  15. Metal Fabricators

    Yeh I can do it, I did in the tracker. But I cant put a nice bead in it, and probably wouldn't end up no where near as good. So thanks for your awesome input