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  1. coilovers for s14

    I have BC's in my s14. If I had my time again I would go the MCA blues.
  2. Plenums and Intakes

    DE has a larger throttle body compared to the DET. I wouldn't be swapping those.
  3. Walbro fuel pump for s14

    GSS-341 for all Nissans. According to this thread. http://www.nissansil...howtopic=301685
  4. www.performancelub.com Harold will sort you out. Located in Vic, I sometimes order late at night and receive it the next day.
  5. I've got 17 x 9 +22 on my s14. Something like 235/45 and 245/40 front and rear. Pretty low on coilovers plus adjustable arms. Rears are rolled. Rear camber is minimal inbetween -1 and -1.5
  6. Pre workout

    Contains Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine. A couple of the few common ingredients with proven results. http://www.bulknutri.../pre-workout/PW
  7. Source - Some dude on the internet. http://www.iwsti.com/forums/2-5-liter-litre-factory-motor/80861-ice-w-intercooler-water-spray-4.html
  8. Lips

    Boot lip/wing http://www.2-up.com.au/product.php?id_product=22
  9. +1 Way too expensive elsewhere. (assuming ADM)
  10. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  11. VICTORIA ONLY Keep reading. It has only been lifted for turbo powered vehicles with a power-to-mass ratio of less than 130 kilowatts per tonne, and the manufacturer has placed the power-to-mass ratio on the build plate. VICTORIA ONLY If you are in Victoria just get a ABN and you get a automatic exemption, not that hard. Yeah that's what I did all through my P plates. Police are smartening up though. Called bullshit on a friend of mine, copped the fine and three points with an offer to take it to court. You don't get an automatic exemption. The onus is on the driver to prove the vehicle is being used to relation to work.