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  1. Wheel Help

    Start here: rimtuck.com
  2. Project 180sx type s

    Might i recommend that you consider driving this for now then when you're ready to go to turbo look into the viability into selling it and then buying a turbo 180sx. Based on the small price difference in the NA 180sx market and the turbo 180sx market, you will save yourself money and heartache. Also, if you dont mind me asking, what dollars have you factored into fitting and painting the odyssey kit?
  3. 180sx SR20DET P Plate Legal NSW?

    n So there is no ADM 180's no, all imported
  4. So I’ve decided to put this up because im bored, should be studying and have an excuse to keep some documentation of my progress/spending lol. Let’s start shall we Long ago in a garage far away, was me. With the absolute bare minimum of knowledge in cars and a desire which clouded my judgement… This lead me to my first Silvia… Oh the times I had in that car… awful, awful times. Apart from all the paint being crap and evidence it had been in some serious crash in the past and fixed on the cheap, the car came with other great features like, the headlights not working, a lack of servicing over the past few years, a busted auto transmission (no 1st or overdrive) and my personal favourite, a split in the TOP of the fuel tank After 12 months of headaches, plenty of cash spent, a stolen recon transmission and learning A SHIT LOAD it was time to let it go. On came car 2, my E30 318i. The car was a treat, drove great and super reliable... it was a great change to say the least. But the calling for another Silvia came when I stumbled across Nigels silver on gray masterpiece (amongst other great examples). As fun as the E30 was, it was time to let it go (pass it on to my younger sibling) and get back in an s13. I happened to find one for the right price and wasn’t hesitant to snap it up. When I bout it it had: -Kei Office Coilovers -t28bb -Larger fuel pump -Intake -FMIC -3’’ turbo back exhaust It made 180rwkw @12psi and this was more than enough to keep me happy for a few years As it was my daily and I was so reliant on it, I never got much of an opportunity to work much on it. Few things still did occur: -Coilovers out (left rear knocking bad) – standard suspension in -r33 gtst LSD -s15 GT leather seats -nismo side skirts -modified a VW bora front lip to attach to my front bar After having some issues with the turbo, it left me without a car for a few weeks and realised that I wasn’t able to go without, so I sought out for a new daily. It had to be reliable and sort of cool… what else than a past love… For the condition it was in and the price I paid, I was now able to get serious with the sil. I've now sold the SR package (still to be taken out) and got a new friend to jam in there Along with all the trimming... well, some anyway Its going to be a pretty slow paced build, but in the coming weeks, the SR will come out, the 5 stud and brake upgrade will be installed and further stripping will be done. After that, im going to be pulling down the engine, do some tinkering and get it ready I've got plenty of parts lying around to go in, so there’s enough to keep me busy for a while It’s a long way off, but it’ll get there… probably… hopefully
  5. So this is where it was almost a year ago... and it has sat in the shed doing nothing since... big woop, wana fight about it. I've continued to buy and horde parts, mainly for my daily which i said i wouldn't modify. Here are some of the bits for my daily build... Some 16x8 +10 Steelies wrapped in some Bridgestone RE002s BC coilovers M-Tech 1 wing, a rare factory piece Nardi steering wheel to keep an OEM feel Some old school Recaro seats are currently being shipped If i said that I'll now be working on them and will be finished soon, i would be lying. My studies will finish up for good in September so keep an eye out around then for updates on either or both cars. and to finish off, a joke that was in a bonbon from last Christmas...
  6. 20B S15

    That engine bay is absolutely beautiful
  7. VY SS Manual Leather

    isn't that an oxymoron?
  8. 180's are 5hit

    P.S. I know that feeling
  9. Another RB25 S14 build

    Wow, loving the engine bay. I'm building my rb25 s13's engine bay very very similar
  10. no BOV shouldn't make it stall like that though
  11. 86 or MX5?

    NA MX5 with a SR20DET:D If i remember correctly, engine weights aren't too different because the Mazda engines are iron block.
  12. Did you end up selling it?
  13. Had a quick search but must have missed it steve. Good call on the Dr Karl one as well! I didn't even think to search for that one, thanks
  14. Hey everyone I've been getting into listening to podcasts lately, mainly Adam Carolla podcasts (mainly the Carcast) and a few news and work related ones. Just wondering who listens to podcasts and what people are listening to? Also, if there are any recommendations, especially for car related podcasts, other than the Adam Carolla Carcast (which is great) i haven't come across any other good ones which are broadcasted on a regular basis. so at the moment my playlist consists of: (Current and regularly updated) -The Adam Carolla Show -The Adam Carolla Carcast -Tripple J's Hack (Old, ended podcasts) -the KnN podcast -Car Craft Radio -A few project management podcasts
  15. Breaking Bad

    hey everyone, been watching foxtel lately and there has been plenty of ads about season 2 of 'Breaking Bad' the show is about (from what i can tell from the ads) a chem teacher, finds out that hes dieing. he has a family, so before he dies, he wants to leave them with some money for debts, bills, kids college, etc. he realizes he cant do it being a teacher, so he teams up with an ex-student who he failed, and goes and makes a meth lab in the desert so they can sell do dealers, addicts, etc. i personally havnt seen it yet, but it looks really good. like box set worthy. so i was just wondering if anyone here has seen it? yar or nar
  16. Tailem Bend sold.

    Sam shahin was just on 7 news. Looks promising at these early stages There were figures of $40 Mil mentioned
  17. Tailem Bend sold.

    So hopefully if they do upgrade the track, they put a BP right next to it... with an E85 pump perhaps
  18. dead end jobs.

    Even with education it's getting harder. I have a Batchelor degree abd i couldn't find work very easily (urban planning). It wasn't till I started a masters degree in project management that doors really started opening. In some industries its becoming more common (multiple training), so there is something else to consider In saying that, it's also due to the economy etc. but that's the case for a majority of industries
  19. looks awesome! what width and offset? im looking for a nice set of wheels for my E30 at the moment
  20. is it drivable? that place near lonsdale (custom imports?) that is doing $30 a corner and you don't have to book on Saturday. Just roll up and they'll do it (... this saturday btw)
  21. Breaking Bad

    Just saw the final season teaser. Gives nothing away, but im still super pumped! Roughly a week away! I can't decide whether to go week to week, or wait and do an all in 1
  22. The Last of Us

    i had an xbox, i bought a PS3 today just to play this game (and a couple others)