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  1. Redtop fc needed

    hey guys I'm wondering if someone would be able to help me out with a redtop power fc just to see if it will run in my car. I have just bought one but it won't turn on and I'm wondering if it is some wires round the wrong way or the PFC doesn't work! Please help
  2. great news

    A repost off SAU but something i thought should be passed on http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/to..._1?do=findComment&comment=6125026 I'll tell you now boost, ok so after about A month of searching and searching something Popped up that just didn't add up, so I saw this guy always down my street with a very tidy SSS pulsar he was a. Regular guy seemed like a real straight shooter until this one day, I had just got home from work when I heard the note of an RB coming down my street so I waited until it had passed me, this 33 gtst was in a primer and looked like it had been at the chop shop, I giggled and walked down to have a chat with him it just seemed to easy and to good to be true about an hour of talking and pretty much covering the whole car it had no vin number no mod plates had been completely stripped, he thought I was just a regular person I gave him the ultimatum and said now this is how it's going to happen Called dad he sent a patrol around and then shit got real, yes he was charged, my dad being as high as he is in the force can pull alot of strings we had the charges dropped on him but at a price, we received the number address and name of the person who sold him the stolen car, and this is where we are today, we have pretty much everything and every person involved in this little syndicate if you wanted to call it that. We are in the final of it all now. 25 people will be charged if all goes well and ACA is on standby for it. Hope these scum F%$ks get named and get some real punishment, not just a slap on the wrist.
  3. great news

    When they raided the shed there were only 2 cars in there, but hopefully they will be able t locate some cars
  4. trouble shooting

    hey guys just bought a secondhand power fc for my s13 redtop. Using the standard computer my car will start and run but when i plug the PFC in it wont start. The tune in the PFC is pretty similar to my setup now apart from the turbo being a 3071 instead of 2876 and the fuel i'm running being E85. Having never owned a PFC before i have no idea what i should be looking for, the only thing I can tel is it does not sound like my fuel pump is priming when the PFC is plug in. It turns over but it won't fire, the hand controller is not turning on(I don't know whether it should or not). Have I just bought a dodgy PFC or is it something I should get an electrician to look at?
  5. trouble shooting

    Cheers for that bud according to that site it should turn on and be adjustable so I'm thinking it's stuffed, but I will take it to my tuners tommorow
  6. great news

    yeah qld they had a shed set up in canungra gold coast, 2 have been arrested overnight with an expected 54 by christmas
  7. Track S13

    Update needed..

    pm sent

    its alive, threw some E85 in her tonight and turned her over, she cranked up first hit. Off to ECC this weekend to get a tune up her ass. Anyone have a spare drivers seat? still trying to find a rail for my bride.

    been a long time since i have posted in here, my rig has now been painted aspen white 2876 - fitted billet fuel rail with 750cc injectors - fitted walbro in tank pump - fitted home made 3" exhaust - fitted cusco 1.5way diff plus 32 axels - fitted cooler pipe - fitted z32 - fitted majority of interior bits are back in apart from front seats, still waiting on fixed back super low seat rail for drivers seat, also missing a couple of seals and some plastic from when my mates stripped it out, so if anyone has any spares let me know. Should be hopefully going for a tune this week or next. Been a long time coming
  11. Matthew Everingham Photography

    this is a wicked photo. How did you go about getting this effect?
  12. so i sold JDM014

    had to sell my GTR to buy my house, hardest thing ever, alot of time, money and blood put into it, so i know your felling mate
  13. Matthew Everingham Photography

    ^^^that is a wicked old school ute. Awesome photos mate, really quality stuff
  14. purplemonkey photography

    hey guys Last week I received my birthday present from my mrs which was a cannon 500D with both EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS and a EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS lenses. This is my first dslr and I am really excited about taking some awesome photo's. At the moment I have just been trying to understand all the components to this camera, I have read the beginners thread in this section and have been looking at everyones photos to get the jist on how to take some good photo's. So here are some of my first photos i ever took, no tripod and just mucking around with some of the settings, still very much trying to understand the thing. The hard word is always welcome, let me know what i'm doing wrong
  15. purplemonkey photography

    thanks guys I'm still yet to do any car photo's so im going to give that a go very soon.
  16. Tell me about your blown engine

    no. 6 ringland went on my 26 when I was giving it a hard time with the g-tech. Expensive procedure that was
  17. Sidd Rishi Photography

    i love your photos mate there always so nice and crisp...one day i'll get there
  18. QLD Raceway victim of robbery

    no revenue in this
  19. purplemonkey photography

    Some of my newest ones. Just been given photoshop cs3 so i might try and learn how to use that soon..
  20. James Dean Photography

    awesome stuff mate some really nice photos there and in your blog If you have some room for an amature on your next shoot it would be sick to come along and learn some more...
  21. QLD Raceway victim of robbery

    should be shot...
  22. Awesome music vids

  23. Monthly Photo Comp - MARCH 2011

  24. macro lenses

    Hey guys, As I have already stated I am a fairly noob when it comes to photography and i have been reading up on some macro cameras. Basically my lense kit comprises of the 18-55 f3.5-5.6 and the 55-250 f4-5.6, the basic twin IS kit. I am looking into expanding my collection at the moment and buying some filters and a new macro lense and am making this topic to find out some information from you guys. What I am wanting is a lense where i can take some real close up shots of some bugs, spiders, leaves. I have been searching the net for the last few hours and getting a fair bit of info, but I want to know your views on a nicely priced but half decent macro lense. I would love the canon 180mm but it's a bit out of my price range at the moment so i was looking at the 100mm canon. However the tamron and sigma have a 180mm which is around the $1000 mark. So what are your thoughts??