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  1. Hi all, Im Having issues with my power steering on start up in the morning. The issue is apparent only until the engine warms. Symptoms are difficulty turning steering as if there is resistance, particularly on full lock. Turning the wheel feels notchy, then frees up after 10-20 seconds. I have watched the power steering pump with someone turning the wheel (with engine running) and it seems the pump cuts in and out momentarily (causing the notchy feeling). Is it the pump failing? Or is the belt lacking tension/ in need of replacement? Return hose to power steering pump leaking slightly? The fluid level is fine and remaining constant. Any help much appreciated!
  2. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Hey lads, got my rig up for sale. If you know anyone chasing a tidy 1990 Hilux, point them in this direction -> http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=511517 Cheers, Alex.
  3. NA S13 racing series

    Where can i sign up? Keen as!
  4. Planking

  5. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    ^^ Where was that at Softy? Last monday landed 2 x Blue swimmer crabs and half a doz gar off Grange jetty. Pretty keen on getting a boat soon.. Just have to get off my ass and get my boat license
  6. where was my invite to this mudfest??
  7. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    After looking at it today in the light i think the Clutch Slave Cylinder may be at fault. Does anyone know if these are difficult to remove/fit? I presume i will need to bleed the clutch fluid..
  8. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Just putting this out there for clues / advice.. Whilst on my way back from deep creek the other day i started having trouble shifting gears in my '90 hilux. Within 5 mins i couldn't shift gears at all with the engine running. However, when the engine is off i can select all gears freely. I noticed the clutch cable had come loose from the retaining clips so i pushed it back into positiion, could this have caused an issue? Also saw a small patch of fluid under the car but not sure where this came from. I think the box is ok, seems more clutch related? Any help would be apprecited
  9. Drift Supercup

    Went and had a look today, well done to all the competitors for giving it their best driving in tricky conditions. Must admit though i thought the weather was gonna be worse. Heading through Gawler on the way out it was pissing down!
  10. drift super cup

    sick as brooo
  11. Saw 'MAD R30' on the back of a tow truck on North East Rd today. Looked like a write off. Front end pushed up to the windscreen. Shame. Was one of the cleanest R30's getting around SA. Hope the driver is ok.
  12. Petrol increase

    half keen on putting the hilux on gas.. f*ck this shit
  13. Drift Wheel Alignment in Adelaide

    Pretty sure its on Ween rd, pooraka. Just off Research rd.. Next door the the bottle recyclers. Have had a few things done to my s13 there. Good blokes.
  14. The sil will be out of reg by then.. and in for a heart transplant But let me know details.. might rock up in the hilux..