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  1. S14 front brakes + r33 rear brakes

    i know this post is a few days old but for brake lines go https://au.helperformance.com they are one of very few aus made ADR approved lines and tell them what you have and they do a bolt on kit, eg s13 to r33 calipers, you can buy a pair only also. and they have the adaptors so you remove the hard metal pipe on the caliper side. for master cylinder i use a r32 gtst bm44 on exactly the same brake set up and it works well. i believe bias is the only difference, i would suggest use currant bmc before purchasing anything if your not satisfied then upgrade
  2. Rex Kelway sucks.

    you can get that stuff from auto upholsterers, i have in the past. clark rubber sounds like a good chance too
  3. Rex Kelway sucks.

    any updates rex?
  4. I know taark makes them but not sure if they suit rb's maybe he can make one for you?
  5. slider

    car is now for sale has had oil cooler fitted and tuned to 160hp at the wheels on 7psi. tuner said with 10-12 psi reach over 200hp at the wheels with a t piece or boost controller contact me or 4agte for details will make add in classifieds soon
  6. car trailer build

    heres one for ya, my old boss had one. they have air bags on the tandem axel trailer and compresor also. and the web site http://www.tiltatrailer.com.au

    Where from everywhere I have seen is like 30 plus an not even stainless
  8. Which MIG ?

    The WIA welders are pretty good if your going to weld thin metals eg panel steel you need a welder to go down to low amps so you don't just blow through the panel eg 20 to 30amps the WIA 190 weldmatic looks pretty decent for light duty

    just seen this looking for inspiration to finnish my car, had to laugh and thought the best place for it is here. its for a v6 commodore.... nuff said!
  10. man with all the problems you have had with the ca motor im suprised you have not cracked the shits and just thrown the ca away and got something different, shit knows im thinking that with my ca... your persistence is commendable. and nice car all the same
  11. I have 1 set of 4 port runners if it helps you? I had it posted from the uk an it's completely useless to me. But good work I have thought about doing this a couple of times but with the amount of effort I cbf
  12. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    love it, and i was at downshift but i left before you got there DAMMIT!!
  13. drove myne daily off an on for about 9 months but after wanting/ needing to mod things just became too hard to do it an still drive to an from work the next day
  14. just wondering but why would you bother if you allready have locked the rear steering and the tie rod ends have enough adjustment why would you need aftermarket arms?