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  1. yashio factory coilpack loom

    I have one in mine. Works well
  2. WTB: S15 6-speed gearbox

    Pref located in Brisbane or surrounds.

    Bugger I just moved to Brisbane and brought mine with me.
  4. Genuine JDM performance parts for sale

    I'm not sure if they would fit anything else. They are listed as separate part numbers.

    Bride GIAS and rails: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2442356
  6. Genuine JDM performance parts for sale

    It was a brand new VCT. You can either send yours to them and they modify it, or they supply a new one.
  7. Just moved house and found a heap of parts that I haven't used, or no longer need. AUTO PRODUCE BOSS NVCS adjustment pulley for S14/15 The only one I know of in the country. Keep the benefits of VCT and add the ability to adjust your cams! $500 -------------------------- BRIDE GIAS Low Max Front left and right seats with LO-MAX rails G02GMR - Black Logo Low Max GIAS Gradiation Standard Black Logo RH N301 - S13,14,15 LH N302 - S13-15,R32,R33 These are the genuine carbon kevlar seats, not the cheaper SPORT models (or copies) $3000 Also available: Rear seats for S14/15 retrimmed BRIDE Seat back covers -------------------------- A'PEXi PowerFC & Hand Controller for S15 414-AN018 You know what they are and what they look like. $1200 -------------------------- Nismo Clubman Harness 86850-RS010 $250 NOTE: Harness is clubman style with lap-sash style buckle. -------------------------- A'PEXi GTSpec Front Pipe S15 SR20DET 145-N006 High quality SUS304 (the 1.5mm thickness) Mig welded φ80 (used) $150 -------------------------- Impul Sport Shift Knob $75 -------------------------- NISMO Aluminium Carbon Shift Knob 32865-RN009 10mm (5 speed) $100 -------------------------- NISMO GT500 Shift Knob Pro-Model 32865-RN011 10mm (5 speed) Screw-on Type Black Urethane $100 -------------------------- KSP ATTAIN Rear Bar exhaust protector for S15 KS-4462 Carbon Kevlar Pure JDM goodness ¥18,900 $200 -------------------------- S15 Radiator and BOV Stock items. Came off the car when upgrading. $Offers -------------------------- Ganador Carbon Fibre Super Mirrors Genuine Ganador carbon fibre goodness. EOI at this stage -------------------------- DBA906 Street Series Slotted Left-Hand & Right-Hand Rear Solid DBA906SL & DBA906SR ■Ideal for towing and heavy load driving ■Ideal in heavy braking situations ■Performs well in wet conditions ■Looks great behind open style alloy wheels ■Rapidly expels friction gases and minimises brake fade ■Direct fit replacement part no modifications required RRP$178.00 ea (AUD) $175 for both -------------------------- SplitFire Ground Wire The High Performance Electric Flow System. Missing one wire and junction box. No idea where they are. More info here: http://www.splitfire...wire/index.html $75 -------------------------- Garage Mak Gulwing Door Kit for S15 I have for sale a BRAND NEW Garage Mak Gulwing Door Kit for S15. Technically they are a VLS Door, but Garage Mak call them Gulwing. The ultimate addition to your show car, or just use it to make it easier getting out of your car in tight parking space, this kit is what you want. Straight from Japan, I bought this kit to install in my S15 before I found that I can't (easily) remove some additional cross bracing within the wheel arches of my car, so I have to sell it. ORP is ¥207,900 which at todays rates are over $2200!!! $1000 All reasonable offers considered. This isn't one of those cheap china copies - this is the real deal. No time wasters or tire kickers please. -------------------------- Will post more as I find them
  8. Wrecking a 2002 model Nissan S15 200sx

    How much for the boot lid?
  9. Japan Trip

    Up Garage? Really? How are you getting around? Plenty of places in Tokyo, but you need to be able to find your way around. You also need to remember how you are going to get your stuff back into the country. You'll also want to consider who you are going with - your gf may not want to be dragged around to car places all day long. Once I know a bit more I'd be happy to recommend a few places to go.
  10. I hear all this talk about VEs, but don't see many actually driving around (on the road or online)
  11. 350+RWKW Sr20det

    That says it all - don't bother.
  12. torque = stroker response = VE torque + response = SR22VET
  13. s15 gps dash

    I can swap it out for you with a standard dash without the insert
  14. Gauges for track car

    You get what you pay for - buy cheap gauges and expect average performance, accuracy, and readability. How much have you spent on the car, and how much does a day at the track cost? I know that for me the cost if gauges is small compared to these. As for how easy or hard it is to read a display you should be looking at the needles relative position and know at what range it is in when the needle is at 8 9 10 12 1 2 o'clock rather than trying to look at the gauge and know it has moved from 82-83 degrees.
  15. s15 gps dash

    No difference between the ADM and JDM dashpads. I got one of the inserts to fit to my car a few years ago and have no idea where I have put it. What boost controller are you running? There are plenty of places to mount them. PFC controller isn't really good enough as a 'proper' display. Invest some money in some decent gauges and you will be better off. This what you are after?